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COMPSTAT 2012: 20th International Conference on COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS

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20th International Conference on COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS (COMPSTAT 2012)

27-31 August 2012, Amathus Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus

Sponsored by the European Regional Section of the IASC and organized by the Cyprus University of Technology and the University of Cyprus.

The 20th International Conference on Computational Statistics will take place at the Amathus Beach Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus, 27-31 August 2012.  It celebrates 40 years of COMPSTAT.  The conference comprises of invited, organized and contributed sessions.  A number of tutorials will be given during the conference.

The conference aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners to discuss recent developments in computational methods, methodology for data analysis and applications in statistics. All topics within the broad interface of Computing & Statistics will be considered for oral and poster presentation.

Topics includes, but not limited to: robust statistics, categorical data analysis, computational Bayesian methods, multivariate data analysis, time series analysis, signal processing, biostatistics, biocomputing, clustering and classification, functional data analysis, nonparametric statistics, optimization heuristics in statistical modelling, data visualization, sampling methods, spatial statistics, computational econometrics, machine learning, numerical methods in statistics, symbolic data analysis, high-dimensional data analysis, parametric and semiparametric models, mixture models, computer-aided data analysis, extreme value theory and applications, kernel methods and Monte Carlo methods.

In order to promote the participation of young researchers, the ERS IASC will offer three prizes, each worth of 500 Euro, for the three best contributions submitted by young participants.

Keynote speakers:
Stanley P. Azen, Trevor Hastie and Elvezio Ronchetti

Scientific Program Committee:

Ex-officio: Erricos John Kontoghiorghes, Gilbert Saporta, Manfred
Gilli, Vincenzo Esposito Vinzi.
Members: Ana Colubi, Dick van Dijk, Peter Filzmoser, Roland Fried,
Cristian Gatu, Mia Hubert, Domingo Morales, Tommaso Proietti.

Important dates:
Invited abstract submission:           31 March 2012
Contributed abstract submission:       30 April 2012
Paper submissions for the proceedings: 30 April 2012
Decision for abstract submissions:     15 May 2012
Decision for proceedings submissions:  15 June 2012
Conference:                            27-31 August 2012

For further information please contact:

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NSF Funding Opportunity: Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace

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The National Science Foundation has announced a new program called Secure and Trustworthy Cyberspace (SaTC).  The program is open to receiving grant proposals and has a special interest in Social, Behavioral, and Economic sciences (SBE) science research.

The program is managed by three Directorates at the NSF, the Social, Behavioral, and Economic sciences (SBE), Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE), and the Office of Cyberinfrastructure (OCI).  Computer science and applied SBE science work should be submitted to CISE.  Proposals that facilitate a transition from research to practice should be submitted to OCI.  Proposals which both contribute to cybersecurity and advance basic SBE science research should be submitted to SBE.  Proposals can also be submitted to multiple Directorates and co-reviewed if appropriate.

Successful SBE submissions will involve contributions to rather than applications of the SBE sciences.  SBE-submitted SaTC proposals should help develop new knowledge or methods that contribute to the SBE sciences, while helping to develop a secure and trustworthy cyberspace.  In addition, SBE / SaTC is interested in proposals for workshops and other intellectual engagements that may advance SBE science efforts in the cybersecurity field.

You can learn more about the SaTC program via our solicitation:

We are holding a Webinar this Friday, Dec. 2, 1pm EST, to further describe the program and answer questions about it.  If you are interested, please register, ideally by end-of-day Dec. 1, at the following URL.  Registration is partly manual, so do not expect immediate acceptance.  If requests exceed capacity, some requests would be denied.  After your registration is accepted, you will get an email with a URL to join the Webinar.

We will also be releasing a FAQ about the SBE portion of the program shortly.

Finally, we are seeking to hold online and face-to-face events to introduce social scientists and computer scientists to each other and their work, offering an opportunity to network and to identify potential collaborations.  These events will take place after proposals are due for the current solicitation, but may be useful for any planned 2013 submissions.

If you are interested in being contacted about the SaTC program and any of these future events, please email Matt Pines at  Please include your name, the email address at which you would like to be contacted, your academic field, and your professional affiliation.  He will add you to our mailing list for SBE / SaTC, and you will receive notice of these future events.

Please feel free to share this email with anyone who might be interested in the program.  Similarly, please contact me if I can provide any additional information about the program.

I look forward to seeing your submissions.

Peter Muhlberger
Program Director, SBE / SATC
National Science Foundation

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臺大管理論叢 「衍生性商品市場與風險管理」專題 延至2011年12月31日截稿,歡迎各界踴躍投稿。

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Derivatives Markets and Risk Management



衍生性商品定價 衍生性商品市場微結構

衍生性商品之風險特性分析 衍生性商品之風險管理

金融風暴與衍生性商品市場 衍生性商品價格之資訊內涵

衍生性商品交易活動之資訊內涵 衍生性商品市場投資行為分析




張森林 國立臺灣大學財務金融學系暨研究所

周冠男 國立政治大學財務管理學系暨研究所

王耀輝 國立臺灣大學財務金融學系暨研究所



投稿文章長度以二萬字為限,文稿請用MS Word處理,稿件格式請參考「臺大管理論叢稿約及格式說明」(。



截稿期限: 2011年12月31日


專刊研討會:2012年4月14日 (六)



衍生性金融商品專題徵稿.pdf(443.1K), 下載:1, 2011-05-11

臺大管理論叢 > 最新消息 > 「衍生性商品市場與風險管理」專題 延至2011年12月31日截稿,歡迎各界踴躍投稿。.

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Lectureship Vacancies at University of York in the UK

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Dear All,

I would like to draw to your attention some lectureship vacancies in economics at the University of York in the UK. Although it is not specifically mentioned, candidates with a particular interest in experimental economics are encouraged to apply, and will be looked after by me. Do look at the details at:

Note that these are at Lectureship level – equivalent to Assistant Professor in the US. They are for people starting out, with a PhD and possibly some publications.

The University of York has a long-established Experimental Economics centre and its own laboratory. Full information can be found at

You could make informal enquiries to me.

John Hey

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ESA-announce Call for papers – UACES 2012

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The call for panels and papers is now open for the 42nd Annual Conference of the University Association for Contemporary European
Studies (UACES), taking place in Passau, Germany from 3-5 September 2012.

We welcome contributions on all areas of contemporary European Studies from across academic disciplines including law, economics, geography, history, sociology, social policy, public policy and politics. We accept proposals from established academics, practitioners and well- prepared doctoral students. The deadline for submission of panels and papers is 20 January 2012.

The three-day event will be hosted by the Department for Cultural Studies at the University of Passau. During the conference, we’ll be
celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Common Market Studies.

To find out more and to submit a paper, visit the website at

The conference will be our first in Germany and we look forward to seeing you there.


tel: +44 20 7679 4975
email: admin(at)

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ESA-announce Post-doc position in Lyon

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POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP – Center for Cognitive Neurocience, Lyon, France. Applications are invited for a postdoctoral position to study decision making, motivation and reward processing using fMRI in healthy subjects and patients with neurological or psychiatric disorders. The institute of Cognitive Neuroscience is located in Lyon, a thriving universitary city. The institute hosts an interdisciplinary community with access to several brain imaging facilities, such as one research-dedicated siemens scanner, one MEG, one TEP, EEG, TMS and other useful resources ( Candidates, preferably with fMRI experience, should send their CV, statement of research interests, and representative publications, and 2 letters of recommendation to Jean-Claude Dreher, Email: dreher(at)

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【演講公告】Neuroeconomics colloquium (12/15, 16): Paul Glimcher

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Our next neuroeconomics colloquium speaker will be Prof. Paul Glimcher from New York University. He is going to give 2 talks, one on Dec. 15 (Thur) and one on Dec. 16 (Fri). Please see below for his talk information. We sincerely invite you and your students to come to his talks.

Paul Glimcher is the Julius Silver Professor of Neural Science, Economics, and Psychology and the Director of Center for Neuroeconomics at New York University. Starting in the late 1990s, Professor Glimcher’s work on the neurobiology of decision making is highly responsible for the birth of Neuroeconomics, an interdisciplinary area of research utilizing theories, methodologies, and tools from neuroscience, economics, and psychology on the study of decision making. Glimcher is keen on the interplay between theory and data, especially on how neurobiological data can inform and refine theories in economics and neuroscience. In his first talk, Professor Glimcher will share with us his view on how neuroscience and economics could possibly influence each other and the premises for such influence to occur. In the second talk, he will talk about how economic theories can inform neurobiological investigations on the mechanisms of choice and how neurobiological data could make novel predictions on choice behavior.

時間:12月15日 (星期四) 下午1:30-3:30
Title: Foundations of Economic Analysis and the Neural Representation of Utility

Over the past decade there has been a significant debate about how economics and neuroscience will influence each other. In this presentation I will argue that a meaningful synthesis of these disciplines will emerge only when serious economic theory is used to guide neurobiological inquiry. If this occurs I argue that it will yield a new class of economic theories that make both economic and neurobiological predictions, both of which can be meaningfully tested. To that end I will describe an axiomatic analysis of the neural representation of utility shocks. Based on fMRI data I will argue for the existence of a utility-like representation in a specific brain area. I will then show that a set of neural measurements in this brain area can predict later choice data. Differences between economic utility and the cardinal object we refer to as “subjective value", and the implications of these findings for cardinal theories of utility will be discussed.

時間:12月16日 (星期五) 下午1:30-3:30
The Neurobiology of Choice and the Evolving Standard Model

There is now broad agreement in the neurobiological community about the basic features of the neurobiological mechanism for human and animal decision making. I will review this emerging standard model and then present two specific studies. They will show how economic theory can inform neurobiological studies of brain mechanisms in a highly valuable way – modifying existing neurobiological theory. The second will show the reverse: neurobiological data that makes fundamentally novel predictions about inconsistent human choice behavior.


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【研討會訊】「台灣因應人民幣離岸中心發展之機會與挑戰」研討會,全程免費 ,敬請 報名參加。

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金融總會謹訂於本(100)年12月6日(星期二) 下午2時至5時,假台灣金融研訓院菁業堂舉辦「台灣因應人民幣離岸中心發展之機會與挑戰」研討會,全程免費,敬請 報名參加。



二、會議訂於本(100)年12月6日(星期二) 下午2時至5時,假台灣金融研訓院菁業堂(台北市羅斯福路三段62號2樓)舉行。



Best regards,
許曉菁(Vicky Hsu)
台灣金融服務業聯合總會(Taiwan Financial Services Roundtable)
TEL:886-2-2598-3328 ext208


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5th Japan-Taiwan Contract Theory Conference





暫訂議程: 20111121

報名方式:Email 報名


一、務請提供:1. 中文姓名、2.英文姓名、3. 中文機構名稱、4. 英文機構名稱、5. 中文職稱、6. 英文職稱。


Email: yctimhuang(at)


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【徵稿啟事】2012財務金融與管理研討會 (2012 FMC)

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【論文徵稿】2012財務金融與管理研討會 (2012 FMC)
2012 Finance and Management Conference (2012 FMC)※論文徵稿※



【財務金融領域】 【管理領域】

◆公司理財 ◆經營管理
◆證券投資分析 ◆行銷管理
◆公司治理 ◆策略管理
◆金融市場與機構管理 ◆中小企業管理
◆國際財務管理 ◆人力資源管理
◆保險與風險管理 ◆運籌管理
◆行為財務 ◆創新管理
◆其他財務金融相關議題 ◆其他管理相關議題



★聯絡人:蔡華芸 小姐 (E-mail:nhufin2011(at)

2012財務金融與管理研討會(2012 FMC)
【聯絡人】:蔡華芸 小姐;電話:(05)27211001轉2051;傳真:(05)2427172




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Job vacancies: Assistant/Associate Professors

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Job vacancies:

University of Exeter Business School, Economics

Title: Assistant/Associate Professors
Section: International:Full-Time Academic (Permanent, Tenure Track or Tenured)
Location: Exeter, Devon, England
JEL Classification: 00 — Default: Any Field
Keywords: Any field
Deadline Information: To be considered for AEA interview in Chicago, IL, in January 2012, the application materials must be received by December 5, 2011.
Deadline Date: 01/31/2012

The Department of Economics, University of Exeter Business School, is seeking to appoint a number of posts at the level of Associate Professor/Assistant Professor (Lecturer) in Economics/Econometrics from September 2012. Applications are invited from academics in any area of economics/econometrics. Candidates must demonstrate strong research potential and a commitment to excellence in teaching. The Department of Economics is one of the leading research intensive Economics departments in the UK. For more information about the Business School and the department of Economics see c.kotsogiannis

Application Instructions:

Applicants should send a curriculum vitae, a sample of research and three recommendation letters to the Department of Economics before January 31, 2012. Send your submission electronically to Steph Barnard, email S.C.Barnard

Email for Applications: S.C.Barnard

More Application Contact Details
Head of the Department of Economics
University of Exeter Business School
Streatham Court
Rennes Drive
Exeter, Devon United Kingdom EX4 4PU

Informational URL:
For more information, email: c.kotsogiannis
For more information, phone: 441392724500

More Informational Contact Details

Head of the Department of Economics
University of Exeter Business School
Streatham Court
Rennes Drive
Exeter , Devon United Kingdom EX4 4PU

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第二波宣傳檔案.pdf (application/pdf) 819K

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ESA-announce Reminder / Secial Issue / Tax Evasion / Journal of Economic Psychology

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Dear Colleague,
This is just a quick reminder that the deadline for submissions to the special issue of the Journal of Economic Psychology on “Behavioral Dynamics of Tax Evasion" is Dec. 31, 2011.

We are especially interested in papers that consider tax evasion dynamics emerging from repeated interaction of relevant actors in taxation processes. This may include dynamics that result from interaction of different behavioral types of tax payers, or from observing the behavior of others within social networks, or from interaction processes between taxpayers and tax authorities, etc. Examples could be topics such as: Tax Evasion and Social Interaction; Neural Aspects of Tax Compliance; Tax Evasion in Heterogeneous Societies; Tax Morale and Political Institutions; Judgment and Decision Making Dynamics of Tax Compliance; Trust, Power and Interaction Climate between Tax Payers and Authorities, etc.


From a methodological perspective, approaches may include, but are not limited to, empirical and theoretical analysis, experiments with human subjects, agent-based simulations, etc. In any case, papers should be appropriate for the Journal’s main audience, i.e., economists and psychologists.


Manuscripts should be prepared according to the guidelines outlined on the website of the Journal of Economic Psychology ( Manuscripts should be submitted by December 31, 2011 through that website. Authors should select “Special Issue Behavioral Dynamics of Tax Evasion" as article type, and also indicate in the cover letter that the manuscript should be considered for the special issue on “Behavioral Dynamics of Tax Evasion".

With all good wishes,

Stephan Muehlbacher, Michael Pickhardt and Aloys Prinz

Guest Editors

JoEP_Call for Papers.pdf

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ESA-announce choice prediction competition

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Dear Colleagues,

We write to remind you that the submission deadline for the choice prediction competition in one-shot extensive form games is Dec 1 2011. The competition focuses on the prediction of behavior in two players response games.

The complete rules of this competition can be found at the competition web site

The basic idea is simple: the competition is based on two experimental studies. The first (run in 2010 at Harvard) examined 120 games that were randomly selected from a well-defined space of simple response games. The raw experimental results of this study, referred to as the “estimation experiment," are presented in the competition’s website. In addition, the competition website includes a link to a paper published in the journal Games that summarizes the results of the estimation experiment and explores the value of several baseline models, see

The goal of the participants in the competition is to predict the results of a second experiment. The results of this study will be kept confidential until 2 Dec 2011. The competition experiment used the same method as the estimation experiment, but studied different games (drawn from the same space of games)and different subjects.

To participate in the competition you will have to email us a computer program (in MATLAB, Visual Basic, or SAS) that reads the parameters of the games (the incentive structure) as input, and predicts the main results as output. The program should be an implementation of your favorite model. To develop and/or estimate your model you are encouraged to analyze the data of the estimation experiment, and to build on the baseline models that were posted in the competition website.

Best regards, 
Eyal Ert, Ido Erev, and Al Roth
Competition organizers
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Call for Papers from Theoretical Economics Letters

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TEL banner
Submit your research paper to the Theoretical Economics Letters
About the Journal

The Theoretical Economics Letters (TEL), is an international open access journal dedicated to reporting on the latest advances in economic theory and mathematical economics. The goal of this journal is to provide a platform for scientists and academicians worldwide to promote, share, and discuss various new issues and perspectives in diverse areas of economic theory and mathematical economics.
Benefits of Publishing in this Journal

Scientific Research Publishing is an academic publisher of open access journals. Publish with Scientific Research Publishing, you will benefit from:

  • Guaranteed targeted, multidisciplinary audience
  • High visibility for maximum global exposure with open access publish mode
  • Rigorous peer review of your research
  • Prompt publishing
You are invited to submit papers in these areas:

  • econometric theory
  • experimental and behavioral economics
  • mathematical economics
  • mathematical finance
  • macroeconomic theory
  • microeconomic theory
Submit Your Article Via Online Submission System
Authors’ Guidelines Editorial Board Contact us at


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