1st International Society of Management ISM 2012 Conference

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( Monthly Blind Peer Reviewed International Journal dedicated to

Research in Management, Commerce and Economics )

Journal included in Cabell’s Directory,  RePEc, ERA etc.

ISSN No.0974-2611 ;  Govt.of India Registration No. MPENG/2008/24042

Ist International Society of Management  ISM 2012 Conference

Sector AG/ 80, Scheme No. 54, Vijay Nagar, A..B.Road, INDORE452 010 (M.P.), INDIA
Fax : +91-731-2552837  Phone : +91-731-2552837, 4004000 Mobile:  094250-56228

           E-mail :  management@managein.org Website: http://www.managein.net                                          

                                                                                                                                                                                Director :  Prof. Dr. Shankar Gargh

M.Sc. (Gold Medalist), Ph. D., MBA (U.S.), LL.B., FICCE., FISBT.,FISM.,FICDM.,,A. Inst. Pet. (UK)

Dear Dr. Yamg,


We  are pleased to inform you that we are publishing regularly a blind peer reviewed international  monthly journal  " Advances in Management " from Indore, INDIA from April 2008. It is a regular monthly journal ( 12 issues in a year and 64 pages in every issue- now 4th year of publication ). This journal deals in all aspects of management including commerce, economics, industry, technology, innovation etc . Our journal has been included in Cabell’s Directory , RePEc, ERA etc.  As you know, Management has got immense potential in growth and development of an individual, institution, industry / business and country, therefore we wish to have your  guidance, blessings, manuscripts and contributions for the journal. Website for our management journals is http://www.managein.net

As you are well known expert in management field, we request you to contribute manuscripts, general articles, review papers, case studies etc. for our  monthly journal " ADVANCES IN MANAGEMENT “. Authors are welcome to submit the manuscripts at earliest and we review the manuscripts within three months. On approval of two experts, we publish the manuscripts within three months of receipt of manuscript.
There are many management journals in the world and most of them are annual, half yearly or quarterly. 20% of management journals are monthly. We are one of 20%  and therefore we need your co-operation.

More details of journal can be accessed at our website http://www.managein.net

We are also looking for members of editorial board in various fields of management. You can also be Hon’ble member of our editorial board. Please send your CV as well. We appoint members of editorial board on merit only. Membership for authors and members of editorial board is not a must but membership is always prefered to promote the journal.

We are organizing our Ist international conference ISM 2012 on focal theme of strategic management in year 2012 in China in September 2012. You are most welcome to participate in the ISM 2012 conference .

We also publish three more international peer reviewed well indexed quarterly journals

1."Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment", http://www.chemenviron.net  Impact factor 0.292; indexed in SCIE, SCOPUS etc.

2." Research Journal of BioTechnology ,  www.biotekjournal.net  Impact factor 0.284; indexed in SCIE, SCOPUS etc.

3."Disaster Advances " , www.disasterjournal.net  Impact factor 0.407; indexed in SCIE, SCOPUS, Geobase etc.

We are sure our monthly journal “Advances In Management" will be indexed in SCI and will have impact factor soon.

We have organized successfully conferences ICCE ( International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ) ICCE-2001, ICCE-2005 in India; third conference ICCE-2007 in Kuwait. 4th conference ICCE-2009 was held in Thailand. 5th ICCE 2011 was held at Malaysia from 27th to 29th May 2011 to celebrate International Year of Chemistry as well. 6th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ICCE 2013 will be held at  Antwerp, Belgium from 6th July to 8th July in association with University of Antwerp, Belgium.

First international biotechnology conference ISBT-2008 was held at Gangtok, Sikkim, India from 28th Dec. to 30th Dec.2008. 2nd ISBT 2013 will be held in year 2013 at Antwerp, Belgium along with ICCE 2013.

First DPTM 2010 conference was held at Chongqing, China from 23rd to 25th October 2010 in field of disasters. 2nd DPTM 2012 will be held at Chengdu, China from 22nd Sept to 24th Sept.2012.

I request you again to send your manuscripts for journal and management conference at your earliest and oblige.

Your manuscripts, contributions, suggestions about journals and conferences are always welcome. Please do let us know if I can be of any assistance or service to you.

Awaiting for your positive response,

Kind regards and Best wishes,

Professor Dr. Shankar GarghM.Sc. (Gold Medalist), Ph. D., MBA (U.S.), LL.B., FICCE., FISBT, FISM, FICDM, A. Inst. Pet. (UK) ;

Sector  AG / 80, Scheme no.54, Vijaynagar, A.B.Road, INDORE 452010, INDIA
Mobile : +91-9425056228; Personal E mail : sgargh@gmail.com

Websites :  http://www.chemenviron.net ; http://www.managein.net  ; http://www.biotekjournal.net ; www.disasterjournal.net

Monthly Journal “Advances in Management “, India 
Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment, India
Research Journal of BioTechnology, India
Journal " Disaster Advances “, India  
Journal of Applied Economic Sciences, Romania
Journal of Agro-Environ Sciences, China
Bollettino della Societa Geologica Italiana, Italy
International Congress of Chemistry and Environment
International Society of BioTechnology
International Society of Management
International Congress of Disaster Management
Environmental Disasters Research Institute
The Management, Environment and Science Research Society
UN Accredited Press Representative

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