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Dear Colleagues,

Once confined to a tiny coastal California lab, ConG software now is free across the planet. Recently seen in London, Berlin, Columbus and West Lafayette, this powerful software can be put to work in your lab immediately. Just download from

What can ConG do for you? Easily configurable to support a wide variety of game and individual choice experiments, ConG is visually intensive and works in continuous time and continuous action spaces. Indeed, its name is a contraction of Continuous Games. Of course, ConG can also support discrete time and/or discrete action spaces.

ConG software is open source and open access, funded by NSF grant SES-0925039. If you are (or work with) a Java programmer, you can easily build new capacities ConG’s parents never imagined. Hardware requirements are fairly minimal; ConG works with networked PCs, Linux boxes and Macs. ConG has powered experiments described in recent articles on Iterated Prisoners’ Dilemma, Hawk-Dove, Public Goods, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Insurgency, Cournot and Bertrand games.

See or the documentation on for more information.

Dan Friedman and Ryan Oprea


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