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Dear all,

A couple of weeks ago I became the Editor of the Journal of Socio-Economics. I am honored and excited to embark upon this challenge and am enthusiastic about the possibility to improve further this journal. I want to share with you some of my plans and to encourage you to submit your best work to the journal.

The journal has improved over the years, thanks to the efforts of the former Editor Morris Altman and the cooperation of board members, referees and authors. This was evident in a ranking published a few years ago (attached), which shows that the Journal of Socio-Economics is one of the top three journals in the fields of behavioral economics and socio-economics, together with two other Elsevier journals, the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, and the Journal of Economic Psychology.

However, now is the time to take the journal a leap forward. My plan involves four main points:

1. A change in focus. The journal will now mostly be interested in papers in fields such as behavioral economics, socio-economics, economic psychology, experimental economics, and judgment and decision making. The focus can help the journal to retain a top position in these fields and will make it more interesting to scholars in psychology, sociology and related fields and thus increase its impact. The full aims and scope can be read at .

2. Reorganization of the editorial process. I believe that to take the journal to the next level I need the help of many others, and therefore I appointed Associate Editors who will serve as the action editors for most of the submitted papers. I am glad to report that many excellent researchers agreed to serve as Associate Editors, and I want to thank them all: Jeffrey Carpenter, Ananish Chaudhuri, Douglas Davis, Cary Deck, Nick Feltovich, Philip Grossman, Daniel Houser, Oliver Kirchkamp, Michael Lynn, Peter Martinsson, Nattavudh Powdthavee, Tatsuyoshi Saijo, Rupert Sausgruber, Sara Solnick, Stefan Trautmann, and Jean-Robert Tyran. I also added many excellent researchers (some senior and some young and promising) to the Editorial Board. The list is too long to include here, but can be seen at .

3. Providing authors with a quick turnaround time. Referees will be asked to submit their report within five weeks, and together with the time it takes to find referees and to evaluate the paper and make a decision, I will try to keep the turnaround time below three months for almost all submissions. I set up automatic reminders to invited referees that are supposed to help to achieve the target of significantly reducing the turnaround time. The addition of many excellent people as Associate Editors and Editorial Board members will ensure that the quick turnaround time will be accompanied by a careful and thoughtful refereeing process.

4. Substantial improvement in quality. I plan to significantly raise the threshold for acceptance immediately, and when the quality and number of submissions increase to raise the threshold further.

Some additional points that are important to me are:

1. Geographical diversity. This is reflected in the composition of the Editorial Board, and I hope to see geographical diversity also of authors.

2. Rewarding refereeing for the journal. Refereeing is often not as rewarding as writing your own papers, but it is essential that people do it for the peer review process to work. I will therefore expect authors of papers submitted to the journal to also referee papers for the journal. Moreover, I will take into account the performance of referees in different decisions, such as who to invite to join the Editorial Board. The Elsevier submission system is very helpful in this respect because it records for every paper who was asked to referee it, what the response was and after how much time it was received, when the report was submitted, etc.

I encourage you to submit your best research to the Journal of Socio-Economics. You will benefit from publishing in a good journal that is going to become even better. It is included in several major databases including EconLit, PsycINFO, RePEc and ScienceDirect. Moreover, the journal is published by a leading publisher, Elsevier, which means that it enjoys from Elsevier resources for authors and readers as well as from the distribution and promotion capabilities of a large publisher.

Those who are interested in more information about the editorial changes can read the longer item that is forthcoming in the February 2013 issue of the journal. It is also posted on .

I look forward to seeing your submissions, and welcome also comments and ideas you may have. Please also forward this information to your colleagues who might be interested.

All the best,

Ofer H. Azar

Editor, Journal of Socio-Economics

Prof. Ofer H. Azar

Head of the Multidisciplinary Specialty, Department of Business Administration, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

President, SABE – Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics

Editor, Journal of Socio-Economics

Personal website:

Azar JSE 2007 journal ranking.pdf


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