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ESA-announce TESS Short Studies Program and Special Competition for Young Investigators

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We are pleased to announce that Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) was renewed for another round of funding by NSF starting last Fall. TESS allows researchers to submit proposals for experiments to be conducted on a nationally-representative, probability-based Internet platform, and successful proposals are fielded at no cost to investigators. More information about how TESS works and how to submit proposals is available at

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the development of two new proposal mechanisms. TESS’s Short Studies Program (SSP) is accepting proposals for fielding very brief population-based survey experiments on a general population of at least 2000 adults. SSP recruits participants from within the U.S. using the same Internet-based platform as other TESS studies. More information about SSP and proposal requirements is available at

TESS’s Special Competition for Young Investigators is accepting proposals from June 15th-September 15th. The competition is meant to enable younger scholars to field large-scale studies and is limited to graduate students and individuals who are no more than 3 years post-Ph.D. More information about the Special Competition and proposal requirements is available at

For the current grant, the principal investigators of TESS are Jeremy Freese and James Druckman of Northwestern University, who are assisted by a new team of over 65 Associate PIs and peer reviewers across the social sciences. More information about our APIs is available at

James Druckman and Jeremy Freese

Principal Investigators, TESS

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International Conference in Venice – CALL FOR PAPERS

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C R E D I T 2013
Risk, Regulation and Opportunities
in an Increasingly Interconnected World

Venice, Italy
26 – 27 September 2013

GRETA Associati (Venice, Italy) and Intesa Sanpaolo (Milan, Italy)

are co-sponsors of a Conference to be held in Venice on September 26 – 27, 2013. The objective of the Conference is to bring together academics, practitioners and PhD students working in the area of risk management. The conference will provide an opportunity for participants engaged in research at the forefront of this area to discuss both the causes and implications of recent events in financial markets and may, in turn, suggest fruitful directions for future research. The Conference, organised under the auspices of the Department of Economics of the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, ABI – Italian Banking Association and European Investment Bank, is the twelfth of a series dedicated to various aspects of credit risk.

The organizers encourage submissions of papers on any topic within the overall theme of the conference and in the following areas in particular:

  • Credit Risk (Counterparty risk, Credit and Liquidity, Stressed credit risk measures)
  • Insurance (Longevity Risk, Property Risk, Catastrophe Risk)
  • Network Effects (Channels of contagion in the financial sector, Risk of SME networks)
  • Market Structures (Dark Pools, Shadow Banking, High Frequency Trading)
  • Risk Aggregation and Diversification (Firm wide integrated stress testing, Multivariate extreme events and Tail dependence)
  • New Regulatory Frameworks and Their Consequences (Level playing field, European Banking Union, Financial conglomerates, Simplification of regulation)

The Scientific Committee for the Conference consists of:
Paul Embrechts, ETH Zurich,Programme Chair
Monica Billio, Ca’ Foscari University of Venice
Damiano Brigo, Imperial College London
Darrell Duffie, Stanford University
Kenneth Singleton, Stanford University

The final program will include both submitted and invited papers. Acceptances received from invited speakers include Rama Cont (Imperial College London), Michel Dacorogna (SCOR), Tom Hurd (McMaster University, Ontario), Jean Lemaire (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania) and Richard Olsen (Olsen Ltd, Zurich). The Conference will also feature a panel discussion on researchers’ and practitioners’ views of the major outstanding problems.


Those wishing to present a paper at the Conference should submit by May 31, 2013 to the address given below (preferably in electronic format). Please indicate to whom correspondence should be addressed. Decisions regarding acceptance will be made by June 30, 2013. The final version of accepted papers must be received by August 31, 2013.

Please send papers:
GRETA Associati
San Polo, 2605 – 30125 Venice, ITALY
Phone : +39 041 5238178 – Fax : +39 041 5286166


To register for the Conference you are requested to complete the registration form that is available on our website (

Registration fees are:


registration Late registration
(within August 18th) (from August 19st on)

Academics: 250 Euro (+ VAT 21%) 300 Euro (+ VAT 21%)
Practitioners: 800 Euro (+ VAT 21%) 1000 Euro (+ VAT 21%)
Academics Poster Presenter: 130 Euro (+ VAT 21%) 130 Euro (+ VAT 21%)
Practitioners Poster Presenter: 500 Euro (+ VAT 21%) 500 Euro (+ VAT 21%)
PhD Students*: 80 Euro (+ VAT 21%) 130 Euro (+ VAT 21%)

For participants presenting a paper there are no fees.
*Students will have to provide valid proof of their student status.

The registration fees cover:
– Admission to all scientific sessions
– Lunches and coffee service during the meeting
– Conference package

The registration fees do not fully cover the conference dinner on Thursday, September 26 for which there is a charge of 80 Euro + VAT 21% for each attending person (participants as well as accompanying persons).


May 31, 2013: Papers submission deadline
June 30, 2013: Paper acceptance notification
August 18, 2013: Deadline for early registration
August 31, 2013: Deadline for sending final version of accepted papers

For more detailed information (registration, accommodation and Conference venue), please refer to the Conference website:

* Please accept our apologies for any crossed e-mails.

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ESA-announce 6th Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium

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The Department of Economics at Maastricht University is happy to announce the

6th Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium (M-BEES 2013)

that will take place in Maastricht (The Netherlands) on Monday June 3, 2013.

The main topic of the symposium is interconnection between experiments and theory. The symposium features 45 presentations and 2 keynote lectures (Antonio Rangel, CalTech and Joel Sobel, UCSD).

The program of the presentations has been finalized, however, we welcome anyone to participate in order to meet the researchers in experimental and behavioral economics as well as to learn about the latest studies in the field. The program and the details of the registration can be found at the symposium’s website at

Hope to see you in Maastricht!

Alexander Vostroknutov (a.vostroknutov)
Arno Riedl (a.riedl)

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ESA-announce RE: 12th Tiber Symposium on Psychology and Economics

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Dear colleagues,

This is just an update and a kind reminder for the "12th TIBER Symposium on Psychology and Economics" which will take place at Tilburg University in the Netherlands on Friday August 16, 2013.

Keynote speakers:
– Geoffrey Miller
– John List

Deadline for submission of abstracts:
– May 1, 2013

Best, Jan

TIBER XII – Call for papers.pdf

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IAM2014W 研討會徵稿文件, 2014/120-23於泰國曼谷

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社團法人台灣管理創新學會僅訂於2014/1/20-23於泰國曼谷辦理【創新與管理國際研討會】(「International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2014 Winter)」),敬邀先進共襄盛舉並多多協助推廣。



                   邱光輝 敬邀

Call for Papers
International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2014 Winter)
Date: Jan. 20 – 23, 2014. Venue: Bangkok, Thailand
2.jpg 12.jpg5.jpg4.jpg6.jpg10.jpg




InterContinental Bangkok
973 Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


  1. 註冊費優惠截稿日期:2013年9月16日
  2. 截稿日期:2013年10月28日
  3. 論文接受通知:稿件上傳後14日內
  4. 研討會日期:2014年1月20日至23日


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ESA-announce Experimental Economics Session at MODSIM (Dec. 1-6, 2013 in Adelaide, Australia)

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce an experimental economics session organized at the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (December 1-6, 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia).

The session is concerned with experimental papers in the following areas: theory–testing laboratory and field experiments, experimental investigation of incentive compatible mechanisms and strategic behavior; integration of experimental findings for policy advice and test–bed experiments; methodology of experiments.

Key Dates
Deadline for abstract: April 30, 2013
Notification of abstract acceptance: May 7, 2013
Deadline for extended abstract/full paper submission: July 8, 2013
Deadline for final paper submission, after peer reviewing: October 7, 2013

MODSIM Website:

Abstract submission instructions:

If you have any questions, please contact us at MODSIM13.EE.

Best wishes,

Maroš Servátka (University of Canterbury)

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【研討會訊】淡江產經論壇「兩岸金銀三會後對我國金融產業之影響」,歡迎報 名參加

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姓名 單位
邱正雄 永豐銀行董事長
麥朝成 淡江大學產業經濟系教授兼中央研究院院士
胡勝正 中央研究院院士
李桐豪 立法委員
沈中華 台灣大學財務金融學系教授




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近年來,兩岸在經濟、 文化、科技交流等方面產生重大突破 ,合作規模不斷擴大,中國經濟發展對台灣經濟影響程度與日遽增。因應此局勢與潮流,本研討會誠摯邀請海峽兩岸學者共聚一堂,針對兩岸經濟競合與產業結構轉型貢獻良策。透過論壇與論文發表會二大主軸進行,論文發表涵蓋五大主題,包括:總體經濟、人力資源與健康經濟、金融市場、國際貿易與產業經濟以及能源與環境經濟。誠摯邀請各界先進共襄盛舉。

會議時間:2013年05月31日 (星期五) 09:30-17:00

會議地點:中國文化大學 曉峰館 (台北市士林區華岡路55號)



時間 活動內容
09:30-10:00 報到、領取資料
10:00-10:20 開幕式
10:30-12:00 華岡經濟論壇 兩岸經濟競合與產業結構轉型
12:00-13:30 午餐
13:30-15:00 第一場 學術研討會 (總體經濟、人力資源與健康經濟學)
15:00-15:30 茶敘
15:30-17:00 第二場 學術研討會 (金融市場、國際貿易與產業經濟、能源與環境經濟)

「2013華岡經濟論壇與海峽兩岸經濟學術研討會」籌備委員會 敬邀


1. 詳細資訊

2. 報名網址:「2013華岡經濟論壇與海峽兩岸經濟學術研討會

3. 當日上午9:00於捷運劍潭站2號出口(基河路上)備有研討會接駁車。

4. 開車進入校園者,請於回條上提供您的車號,以便進入校園停車。

5. 本研討會全程免費,如需研習證書,請於報名表中填寫。




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本學會將於2013年5月14日(星期二)下午2:00-5:30,假國立中興大學農資學院10樓國際會議廳(台中市南區國光路250號) 舉辦「維繫糧食安全之農業水資源管理研討會」,檢附議程及報名表,敬請踴躍報告參加,謝謝!






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Econometric Study Group Bristol Conference 2013

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The Econometric Study Group Bristol Conference will be held this year at Clifton Hill House, University of Bristol. The dates for this year’s conferences are Thursday 11 July to Saturday 13 July, 2013.

Contributed papers for presentation at the conference are now invited. Contributions are welcome in any area of econometrics. If you would like to present a paper please email a pdf version to


Invited speakers for this year’s conference are

Victor Aguirregabiria (University of Toronto)

Stephane Bonhomme (CEMFI)

Peter Hansen (European University Institute)

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday 1 May 2013

For further details please visit the website

David Pacini

Senay Sokullu

Frank Windmeijer

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The 8th and 9th BMRC-QASS Conference on Macro and Financial Economics to be sponsored by MMF, Brunel University, 24th and 30th of May, 2013

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Dear all

A kind reminder that the deadline for submissions for the 8th and 9th BMRC-QASS conferences is 30th of April 2013.

Apart from the invited speakers other presenters for the 8th Conference include:

1.Gisle Natvik (Norges Bank, Norway)
2.Cavit Pakel (Bilkent University, Turkey)
3. Jinke Li (University of Nottingham)
4.Tony Yates (Bank of England)
5. Fabio Fornari (ECB, Germany)
6. Andrea Motticini (University Cattolica, Italy)
7. Yannis Caravias (University of Nottingham)
8. Simone Salotti (Oxford Brooks University)
9. Eric Lindstrom (Lund University, Sweden)
10. Xijia Liu (University of Uppsala, Sweden)

Best Regards


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ICMS2013 in Hong Kong, China: Call for Papers

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We trust this e-mail finds you well! You are receiving this e-mail because of your expertise in marketing research. I would like to cordially invite you to consider contributing your manuscript to International Conference on Marketing Studies (ICMS2013) (

This conference will be held on September 7-8, 2013, in Hong Kong, China. All accepted articles in conference would be published in one of the cooperative journals. Following is the call for papers of ICMS2013. Please consider to join this event in Hong Kong.

If you do not want to receive any conference call for paper email from us, you can unsubscribe your email here:


Chih-Chien Wang, Ph.D

Professor and chairperson,

Grad. Inst. of Info. Management

National Taipei University

Call for Papers – ICMS2013

International Conference on MARKETING STUDIES

September 7-8, 2013, Hong Kong, China

Organized by: Academy of Taiwan Information Systems Research

Sponsored by: International Business Academics Consortium (IBAC)

The 2013 International Conference on Marketing Studies (ICMS2013) will be held on September 7-8, 2013, in Hong Kong, China. This conference provides a forum for researchers and practitioners to exchange research results and share development experiences on marketing research.

Submission Deadline: May 15, 2013
Acceptance Notification: June 15, 2013
Registration Deadline: July 1, 2013
Conference Dates: September 7-8, 2013

The upcoming ICMS2013 conference covers, but not limited to the following areas:

Track 1: Strategic Marketing

Marketing Strategy and Management

Global and International Marketing

Inter-cultural Marketing

Track 2: Business Marketing and Supply Chain

Business to Business Marketing

Sale Management

Supply Chain Management

Distribution and Logistics Management

Track 3: Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior and Psychology


Fashion and Luxury Product Marketing

Consumer Neuroscience

Track 4: Internet Marketing

Internet and Interactive Marketing

Online Behavior and Psychology

Social Networking


Virtual Reality and Internet Advertising

Track 5: Marketing Communication




Customer Relationship Management

Relationship Marketing

Track 6: Tourism, Hospitality, and Service Marketing

Tourism Management

Hospitality Management

Service Marketing

Sports and Leisure Activities Marketing

Track 7: Social Marketing

Social Marketing

Green Marketing

Nonprofit Marketing

Track 8: Marketing Research and Education

Research Method

Bibliometric and Literature

Marketing Education

Track 9: Others

All Other Marketing Relative Topics

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2nd CfP: SIMUL 2013 || October 27 – November 1, 2013 – Venice, Italy

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Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original scientific results to SIMUL 2013.

The submission deadline is May 28, 2013.

Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit extended article versions to one of the IARIA Journals:


============== SIMUL 2013 | Call for Papers ===============


SIMUL 2013, The Fifth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation

October 27 – November 1, 2013 – Venice, Italy

General page:

Call for Papers:

– regular papers

– short papers (work in progress)

– posters

Submission page:

Submission deadline: May 28, 2013

Sponsored by IARIA,

Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IARIA Journals:

Print proceedings will be available via Curran Associates, Inc.:

Articles will be archived in the free access ThinkMind Digital Library:

Please note the Poster and Work in Progress options.

The topics suggested by the conference can be discussed in term of concepts, state of the art, research, standards, implementations, running experiments, applications, and industrial case studies. Authors are invited to submit complete unpublished papers, which are not under review in any other conference or journal in the following, but not limited to, topic areas.

All tracks are open to both research and industry contributions, in terms of Regular papers, Posters, Work in progress, Technical/marketing/business presentations, Demos, Tutorials, and Panels.

Before submission, please check and conform with the Editorial rules:

SIMUL 2013 Topics (topics and submission details: see CfP on the site)

Simulation models

Monte Carlo simulation; Statistical analysis of simulation output; Analytical simulation modeling; Discrete event simulation models; Credible simulation models; Multi-objective simulation models; Multisimulation with multiresolution, multistage multimodels; Verification and validation of simulation models; Simulation metamodels; Executable simulation models; Emulation models; Regression models and experimental designs; Kriging metamodeling; Kriging metamodeling in discrete-event simulation; Kriging modeling for global approximation

Simulation methodologies

Sensitivity analysis; Rare-event simulation methodology; Agent-based modeling and simulation; Regenerative steady-state simulation; Simulation-based ordinal optimization; Ontology-based simulation methodology; Simulation component reuse methodology; Two-level simulation methodology; Emulation methodologies; System adaptation simulation; Simulation methodologies for autonomic and autonomous systems; Virtual reality simulation methodologies; Virtualization simulation; Construction simulation methodologies

Sensitivity analysis

Systematic simulation using sensitive analysis; Probabilistic sensitivity analysis; Sensitivity analysis of simulation technologies (Monte Carlo, Streamline, Spatial models, etc.); Domain-oriented sensitivity analysis (optimization, estimation matching, climate); Sensitivity analysis of products features, formalisms, design optimization (systems, code); Assessing the competency of business services (public, health, transportation, etc.); Sensitivity analysis and performance extrapolation; Adjoint transient sensitivity analysis; Causality and sensitivity analysis; Assessing the accuracy of sensitivity analysis

Simulation mechanisms

Composing simulation models; Reusable simulation model; Uncertainty simulation; Continuous-variable simulation optimization; Approximate zero-variance simulation; Probabilistic processes for simulation; Progressive model fitting; Steady-state simulations with initial transients; Merging simulation and optimization; Simulation optimization, stochastic programming and robust optimization; Overlapping variance estimators; Kriging interpolation in simulation; Kriging versus regression analysis; Interpolation; Random simulation; Prediction and simulation; Interpolation /Kriging, Cokriging, Conditional Simulation, and Inverse Distance Weighting/

Model based system prediction

Model based prediction of system quality characteristics and their trade-offs; Prediction models; Methods and tools for system quality prediction; Reliability prediction; Security prediction; Risk prediction; Performance prediction; Uncertainty handling in prediction models; Prediction of change impacts on system quality and risk; Quality and trustworthiness of prediction models; Predictability of system quality characteristics; Predictability of dynamic and adaptive systems; Data acquisition methods in system quality prediction; Traceability and maintainability of prediction models; Inference types in prediction models; Experience reports on and application areas for system quality prediction; Empirical studies on system quality prediction

Distributed simulation

Large-scale simulation experiments; Industrial scale simulation; Time aspects in distributed simulation; Resource constraints in distributed simulation; Distributed disaster decision simulation; Simulation for rapid assessment of distributed impacts; Parallel and distributed simulation

Human-in simulation

User-in-the-middle simulations; User-feedback in simulations; User-adaptive simulations; Bioterrorism preparedness simulation; Probabilistic risk assessment; Measurement of situation awareness

Simulations in advanced environments

Simulation in Virtualized systems; Simulation in Cloud environments; Simulations in GRID environments; Simulation in Cognitive systems; Simulation in P2P systems; Simulation in Data Centers; Simulation in Power Distribution Centers; Simulation in micro- and nano-systems; Simulation in Geospatial systems; Geostatistics simulation; Spatial simulation; Simulation in Self-Adaptable systems; Simulation in Ubiquitous systems; Simulation in Underwater Vehicular and Communications systems; Simulations in Mobile and Vehicular systems; Simulation in eHealth systems;Computational fluid dynamics simulations for urban and environmental applications

Practical applications on process simulations

Uncertainty in industrial practice; Simulation for business planning; Application to finance; Logistics simulation; Supply chain simulation; Software reliability simulation; Simulation in vehicular systems /avionics, satellites, terrestrial/; Simulation models for manufacturing; Climate and weather-related simulations; Biological system simulation; Chemical system simulation; Commercial simulation environments; Healthcare simulation; Hospital planning; Simulation-based scheduling; Simulation in warehouse operations; Manufacturing simulation interoperability; Telecommunications simulations /reliability, queuing, fault spreading, virus contamination/; Cyber-attack modeling and simulation; Sensor fusion simulation

Case studies on social simulation

Group-work interaction simulation; Behavior analysis in simulations; Social need simulations; Simulating urban open spaces; Social decision simulation; Real-time decision making simulation; e-Polling simulation; Validation of simulated real-world; Simulation to predict market behavior; Predictions via similarity-based data-mining; Simulation of groups in e-Government systems; Simulation of urban mobility

Online social simulation

Online social models, social networking; Simulation of conflicts, cooperation, persuasions; Simulation of dynamics, group decisions, emerging behavior and situations; Simulation of interactive games, predictions and distributed tasks; Simulation of 3D online communities, massive online multiplayers, virtual social communities; Life problems simulation (sociology, political science, economics, anthropology, geography, archeology and linguistics); Group innovation and consumption simulation; Applications, techniques, tools, computational frameworks, experiments and lessons

Building simulation

Simulation of building physics; Human simulation of the indoor environment; Civil-oriented and enterprise-oriented simulations; Simulation of building services (lightning, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, etc.); Simulation of energy capture and conversion; Simulation of solar buildings, geothermal energy buildings; Simulation for earthquakes, flooding, fire propagation, etc.; Simulation of design practice; Tools and applications to simulate building-related properties and situations

Transport simulation

Transport system models; Airport simulation; Public transport simulation; Merchandise port simulation; Rural transport simulation during harvest time; Shipping transport simulation; Content and volume-based transport simulation; Simulation of traffic control and synchronization; Prediction accuracy of transport simulations; Simulation of transport projects

Warfare simulation

Warfare simulation environments and models; Tactical and strategic warfare simulation; Attack warfare simulation; Urban warfare simulation; Warfare simulation in unknown environment; Underwater, terrestrial, and spatial simulations; Hierarchical control simulation; Warfare gaming

Simulation tools and platforms

Discrete-event simulation software; Commercial off-the-shelf simulation package interoperability; Ontology-based tools for simulation integration; Simulation frameworks for energy-efficient systems; Public system applications; Simulators for business planning; Simulation tools for systems biology; Simulation tools for constructions /bridges, railways, industrial buildings, subways/

Experience report on ready-to-use tools

ShowFlow and XJ technologies; Rockwell Automation and Frontline Systems; SIMULE-Planner, AutoMOD; PMC-Kanban Simulator, Program Portfolio Simulator and Asprova Scheduler; 3D simulator tool-kits; Wolverine Software-SLX; OPNET; OMNET++; NIIST; NS-2; NS-3; ATDI ICS; Qualnet; Dymola; Matlab/Simulink; Open source tools


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Global Studies – April 2013 Newsletter

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April 2013 Newsletter


Spotlight on the Conference Venue – India International Centre


"Considered one of the country’s premier cultural institutions, the India International Centre is a non-government institution widely regarded as a place where statesmen, diplomats, policy makers, intellectuals, scientists, jurists, writers, artists and members of civil society meet to initiate the exchange of new ideas and knowledge in the spirit of international cooperation. Its purpose, stated in its charter, was ‘to promote understanding and amity between the different communities of the world’. In short, the Centre stands for a vision that looks at India as a place where it is possible to initiate dialogues in an atmosphere of amity and understanding.

The Centre’s dedication to the values of liberal humanism is best reflected in its activities and calendar of events. These cover a wide range, from lectures, seminars, panel discussions, international and national conferences to a variety of cultural events of music, cinema, performing and visual arts, both classical and folk. Entry to these is not restricted to members as all its programmes are open to the wider public of the city."

Click here to find out more about the India International Centre, or here to learn more about the 2013 conference.


Call for Peer Reviewers

Common Ground Publishing is looking for academics to volunteer as peer reviewers for our book series. Each volunteer will be placed into a pool of subject matter experts and we will contact you when there is a book that is suited for your area of expertise. For examples of the types of books we publish, please visit our website.

Please forward your resume or CV to books and please include the knowledge community for which you would like to review.


Scholar Conversation: "‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Is Osama bin Laden’s Last Victory Over America"

Our innovative social knowledge network builds communities around ideas, research, papers, courses, and conferences. Log on to Scholar and discuss the implications of recent developments in your field or start a new thread around your research.

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Laos Could Bear Cost of Chinese Railroad

The Low Politics of Low Growth

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素仰 您為海內外專家學者,農業經濟專業造詣浩瀚、瞭解國內外農業產業脈動,對於農業經濟領域相關研究尤具卓見。本刊為集思廣益,使本刊成為理論與實務並重之農業經濟學術期刊,謹邀請 您為本刊撰稿,以使海內外人士能充分掌握農業經濟情勢,進而有效提升農業經濟學術研究與農業競爭力。尚祈 予本刊支持並踴躍投稿,毋任感荷!(若承蒙 惠賜大作,請以email:agecjnl(at)聯絡)。佇候佳音,並祈時賜專稿為幸。


順頌 崇祺

農業與經濟期刊編輯委員會 敬啟





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