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Dear all,

I attach two editorials from a recent issue of the Journal of Socio-Economics, one about some changes in the journal and the other about its impact factor. I also attach the updated list of Associate Editors and Editorial Board members, who help me tremendously in editing the journal. I encourage you to submit your best research in the relevant areas to the journal. I want to emphasize that experimental economics papers are very welcome and experimental economics is one of the areas that I want the journal to focus on. When I created the new position of Associate Editors in the journal a few months ago, and had to decide whom to invite to join as Associate Editors, my intention to focus the journal on experimental economics more than it used to be in the past was an important consideration, and as you can see in the list of Associate Editors, they are active researchers in experimental economics.

The updated aims and scope of the journal are:

The Journal of Socio-Economics welcomes submissions that deal with various economic topics but also involve issues that are related to other social sciences, such as psychology and sociology. Thus, contributions in behavioral economics, economic psychology, experimental economics, socio-economics, and judgment and decision making are especially welcome. The journal is open to different research methodologies, as long as they are relevant to the topic and employed rigorously. Possible methodologies include, for example, empirical work, experiments, surveys, theoretical models, meta-analyses, case studies, and simulation-based analyses. Literature reviews that integrate findings from many studies are also welcome, but they should synthesize the literature in a useful manner and provide substantial contribution beyond what the reader could get by simply reading the abstracts of the cited papers. In empirical work, it is important that the results are not only statistically significant but also economically significant. A high contribution-to-length ratio is expected from published articles and therefore papers should not be unnecessarily long, and short articles are welcome. Articles should be written in a manner that is intelligible to our generalist readership. The journal also publishes special issues; suggestions for topics and guest editors should be sent to the Editor. Book reviews are generally solicited but occasionally unsolicited reviews will also be published. Contact the Book Review Editor for related inquiries.

The journal’s website is:

All the best,


Prof. Ofer H. Azar

Head of the Multidisciplinary Specialty, Department of Business Administration, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

President, SABE – Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics

Editor, Journal of Socio-Economics

Personal website:

2013 Vol43 Impact Factor.pdf
2013 Vol43 Incoming Editorial.pdf
Editorial board.pdf


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