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ESA-announce Call for Papers in Honor of Elinor Ostrom

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We are soliciting manuscripts for special issues of the Journal of Theoretical Politics and Experimental Economics. These special issues are in honor of Elinor Ostrom and will focus on research in social dilemmas. We are soliciting original, high quality research on behavior in social dilemmas. Papers will be considered that focus broadly on issues in social dilemma settings, using both lab and field experiments. In particular, we are interested in papers that extend the existing literature as related to:

* Institutions that facilitate cooperation;

* Testing alternative theories of subject and group behavior;

* The role of information in repeated-game settings;

This call for papers follows the Fifth Biennial Conference on Social Dilemmas. The first Social Dilemmas conference was organized by Elinor Ostrom and supported by the National Science Foundation, as was the Fifth. Participants from any of the five Social Dilemmas conferences are encouraged to submit a manuscript. The call, however, is to the broad community working on social dilemmas. We expect that four or five manuscripts will be published in each special issue. The editors for these special issues will be R. Mark Isaac and James M. Walker for Experimental Economics and Eric A. Coleman and Rick K. Wilson and for the Journal of Theoretical Politics. Please submit your manuscript to one of the Editors by September 1, 2013. All manuscripts will be screened by the special editors of the issue and all selected manuscripts will be subject to peer review.

Special Editors for Experimental Economics

James M. Walker — walkerj

R. Mark Isaac — misaac

Special Editors for the Journal of Theoretical Politics

Rick K. Wilson — rkw

Eric A. Coleman — ecoleman

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蕭瑞麟教授 國立政治大學科技管理與智慧財產研究所










** 詳細內容及說明請參閱跨領域質性研究特刊連結



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敬請 教授協助轉知系(所)上師長及碩博士班學生知悉並歡迎投稿,隨函檢附敝學報徵稿啟示及文稿格式說明。


敬頌 研安

編輯委員會 敬啟



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ESA-announce Exeter Prize 2013

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce the call for nominations for the second annual Exeter Prize for Research in Experimental Economics, Decision Theory and Behavioral Economics.

The University of Exeter Business School will award a prize of £3,000 for the most outstanding article published in a refereed journal in 2012 from the following fields:

-Experimental Economics

-Decision Theory

-Behavioral Economics

In addition to the £3000 prize, the author or representative from the authors of the winning paper will be invited to present that paper and related research at the University of Exeter in October 2013.

We would like to invite you to nominate a paper. To qualify it must be published in 2012 and in one of the above-mentioned fields. The date must be the in-print date rather than the on-line date. You may send the nomination via an email to the following address: feelmail. Please write ‘Exeter Prize Nomination’ in the subject field. Note that you are allowed to nominate your own papers.

We will generate a shortlist of papers from the nominations. The shortlist will be evaluated by a panel, who will then decide the winner. This year our panel consists of:

– Itzhak Gilboa (Tel Aviv University and HEC, Paris)

– Glenn Harrison (Georgia State University)

– Shmuel Zamir (Hebrew University)

The deadline for submitting a nomination is May 31, 2013. The winner will be announced in August 2013.

The winner of the 2012 Exeter Prize was “Transitivity of Preferences” by Michel Regenwetter, Jason Dana and Clintin P. Davis-Stober, published in Psychological Review.

While the four other finalists were:

“Performance Pay and Multidimensional Sorting: Productivity, Preferences and Gender” by Thomas Dohmen and Armin Falk published in American Economic Review.

“Is Tiger Woods Loss Averse? Persistent Bias in the Face of Experience, Competition, and High Stakes” by Devin Pope and Maurice Schweitzer published in the American Economic Review.

“Judicial In-Group Bias in the Shadow of Terrorism” by Moses Shayo and Asaf Zussman published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics.

“Axiomatic Foundations of Multiplier Preferences” by Tomasz Strzalecki published in Econometrica.


Miguel Fonseca

Todd Kaplan

Eva Poen

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Invitation for attendance and paper from BEI 2013

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2013 Business Economics and Investment Conference (BEI 2013)
Submission Due: July 15, 2013 Conference: Oct. 22-24, 2013 Venue: Sanya, China

BEI 2013 is the premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of Business Economics and Investment . The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world.
Finance and Investment
♦ Monetary Economics
♦ Monetary History
♦ Banking
♦ Financial Risk Management
♦ Financial Assets Management

Business Economics
♦ Basic Theories
♦ Business and Enterprise Management
♦ Commodity Circulation Economics
♦ Marketing
♦ Business Psychology

Call For Papers
All the accepted papers will be published by "Open Journal of Social Sciences" (ISSN: 2327-5952), a peer-reviewed open access journal that can ensure the widest dissemination of your published work.
Call For Abstracts
To be considered for an oral presentation, submit your abstract by Jun. 15, 2013 . Abstracts will be selected for presentation based on the quality of their submissions and space availability.
Registration Fee

Attendance with Full Paper USD500 (RMB3000)
Attendance with Abstract & Presentation USD400 (RMB2500)
Simple Attendance USD350 (RMB2300)

Call for Speakers and TPC Members
If you wish to serve the conference as an invited speaker or a TPC member, please send email to us with your CV and photo.
Benefits of Invited Speakers
1. Your latest research results will be shared and acknowledged by scholars around the world.
2. The title and abstract of your speech will be posted on the conference website and program booklets.
3. The title and abstract of your speech will be published in the journal.
4. You can enjoy a free registration.
Benefits of TPC Members
1. Your CV will be posted on the conference website.
2. You can enjoy a 50% discount on the regular registration.
We look forward to your constant support and initiative in improving the quality of the conference.

Call for Co-Organizers
If you’re interested to be our Co-Organizers, you can contact via workshop_October
Benefits of Co-Organizers
♦ The logo of your organization will be posted on the conference website as well as in all the conference materials.
♦ The members of your organization can enjoy a discount (10% off) on the regular registration.

E-mail:workshop_October(at) | Telephone: +86 15629071188


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The Fifth Annual Conference on Development Studies in Taiwan:
Development: crisis and security





Theories of development and alternative development

Land-related justice and spatial governance、境、夂蜃治理
Health, environment, climate change and risk governance

Financial crisis and economic governance

Democratization and political transformation

Social innovation

Globalization and regionalization

Labor and migration

Urban/rural/community studies

Gender and development

Ethnic and aboriginal studies

International cooperation, development and aid

Cyber space and internet governance

Development and human right

Science, technology and society (STS) studies
Population and development
Other related issues


1. 徵稿r程:

(1) 2013/06/07:投稿人於本期限前l表人基本料暨文大(附加n案:第五冒l展年陡遒Y料表)email至acds(at),祟}明「投稿第五冒l展研究年文摘要」。年I盏秸然匦糯_,若未收到信,主黼告知,以免疏漏。

(2) 2013/06/20:公布通名巍⒄查果通知。K於6/27前回函是否如期表;7/12前回函提供三名人名巍/span>

(3) 2013/10/14:通知取者於本期限前,⒄文全文暨中、 英文(烧呓孕瑁┱/span>pdf附n寄至acds(at),以利大I。⑴c文比之全文未於本日前提交者,适гu格。

2. hr程:


3. 博、士生文






人:林P源 事湛召


第五冒l展研究年绺搴docx (20 KB)

第五冒l展年陡遒Y料表.doc (36 KB)



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【徵稿啟事】The Fifth IEFS China Annual Conference 2013 (Shanghai, China, June 20-21, 2013)

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The Fifth IEFS China Annual Conference 2013 (Shanghai, China, June 20-21, 2013)

Organized by the Shanghai International Business and Economics University and IEFS China


We are pleased to announce that the Fifth International Economics and Finance Society (IEFS) China annual conference will be held on June 20-24, 2013 in Shanghai, China. The Shanghai International Business and Economics University (SIBEU), formerly “The Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade (SHIFT)” will host the conference. The organizers of the 2013 annual conference welcome your submission for paper presentation.

The IEFS China was established four years ago and since then we have organized annual international conferences on various topics in the field of international trade and finance. And the past conferences, hosted by University of International Business and Economics in Beijing (2009, 2010, 2011) and by Nankai University in Tianjin (2012), have been well attended with established and rising scholars in the field from all over the world.

This year’s conference will move to the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, the largest commercial city in China boasting global centers in international trade and finance. This conference will feature two renowned keynotes speakers: Gene Grossman of Princeton University, USA and Jim Brander of University of British Columbia, Canada.

Invited Participants

Joshua Aizenman (UC, Santa Cruz), Hamid Beladi (University of Texas-San Antonio), Eric Bond (Vanderbilt University), Kwan Choi (Iowa State University), Georgios Chortareas (Athen, EEFS), Mario Crucini (Vanderbilt), Peter Egger (ETHZ & CEPR), Hong Hwang (Taiwan University), Jiandong Ju (Oklahoma), Kala Krishna (Penn State University), Emanuel Ornelas (LSE), Larry Qiu (University of Hong Kong), Raymond Riezman (University of Iowa) , Kamal Saggi (Vanderbilt University), Pasquale Sgro (Deakin University), Eden Yu (Chuhai, HK), Zhihao Yu (Carleton University), Lex Laixin Zhao (Kobe University).

(More scholars from overseas are expected to join the conference. An updated list will be posted on the official websites.)

Supporting SSCI Journals

We are in the process of lining up a few key journals as supporting journals for this conference. All speakers are strongly encouraged (though not obligated) to submit their conference papers for publication, subject to the normal refereeing process.

Papers presented at the conference, subject to further refereeing, may be considered for publication in special issue/section in Review of Development Economics or Journal of International Trade and Economic Development. Editors of several other trade related SSCI journals will be at the conference and more supporting SSCI journals will be announced in due course. We strongly encourage paper presenters to discuss with them and/or visit their journal websites for more information.

Submission for Presentation

1. Submissions must be made as soon as possible through website:

2. While we prefer papers in their entirety, we also welcome submissions of extended abstracts (up to 400 words).

3. Upon acceptance of their papers, authors must confirm their attendance by completing the registration on or before May 15, 2013.

4. Accepted papers in their entirety must be submitted on or before May 31, 2013.

5. All papers will be presented in English.


All conference participants, with the exception of keynote speakers and invited speakers, must register on or before May 15, 2013.

Registration fee
Participants from Overseas (including Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao) US$150
Participants from the mainland China (reduced rates are available) RMB¥800
Late registrations (after May 15, 2013) US$200 /RMB¥1300

Official Websites

Our official websites is: iefschina.

IEFS China Conference Coordinator

Prof. Xiaopeng Yin

Department Chair, Department of International Trade, University of International Business and Economics and, Secretary/Treasurer, International Economics and Finance Society China

Tel: (86-10) 6449-3689 Fax: (86-10) 6449-3042 Email: iefschina

Co-Chairs of Organizing Committee, IEFS China 2013 conference

Prof. Haiming Sun,


Shanghai International Business and Economics University

Shanghai, China

Prof. Eden Yu,

President, IEFS China and

Dean, Faculty of Commerce

Chuhai College of Higher Education,

Hong Kong, China

Secretariat of Organizing Committee, IEFS China 2013 conference

Prof. Yuliang Shen, (Secretary General), yuliangshen

Prof. Hongjun Zhao, (Vice Secretary General), hjzhao2002

Prof. Lilin Cao, cll

Prof. Xiaopeng Yin, iefschina

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Reminder: DSGE Lectures: Bayesian Analysis of DSGE Models (7th and 8th of July, 2013)

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Bayesian Analysis of DSGE Models (7th and 8th of July, 2013)

Presented by Professor Frank Schorfheide, Department of Economics, University of Pennsylvania

Dates: 7th – 8th July 2013

Please register for the workshop before the close date: 10th June 2013:


The lectures will discuss recent advances in the literature on the econometric analysis of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models, covering both methods and applications. We begin with an introduction to the Bayesian estimation of linearized as well as nonlinear DSGE models and review algorithms to generate draws from the posterior distribution of DSGE model parameters. Once these parameter draws are obtained the DSGE models can be used to provide quantitative answers to a variety of questions, e.g. about the sources of business cycle fluctuations, relative importance of endogenous propagation mechanisms, the effects of monetary and fiscal policy interventions. We present tools to evaluate the fit of DSGE models, review the forecasting performance of estimated DSGE models, and discuss novel methods of incorporating external information (about the current state of the economy and the long-run outlook) into DSGE model forecasts. Finally, we consider empirical models that relax some of the restrictions imposed by DSGE models. These specifications include VARs with priors derived from DSGE models, DSGE models that are embedded in state-space models, and mixtures of DSGE models. The lectures include practical MATLAB exercises that illustrate how to implement the estimation methods.

Background reading: Marco Del Negro and Frank Schorfheide (2011): “Bayesian Macroeconometrics,” in J. Geweke, G. Koop, and H. van Dijk (eds): The Oxford Handbook of Bayesian Econometrics, Oxford University Press.


Professor Schorfheide is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), and has been a Visiting Scholar at several central banks. He serves as Co-Editor of Quantitative Economics and has served in editorial roles with the International Economic Review, American Economic Review, Quantitative Economics, Macroeconomic Dynamics, Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking, Journal of Econometrics, and the Journal of Monetary Economics.

Professor Schorfheide conducts research in econometrics and macroeconomics. Much of his econometric works has focused on the problem of model evaluation and selection in situations in which some or all models under consideration are potentially misspecified. This research is motivated by the need for econometric methods that are suitable to analyze modern macroeconomic models, such as dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models. His research provides a set of tools that are useful for empirical work with modern macroeconomic models, including forecasting and policy analysis. He applied these methods to analyze the sources of business cycle fluctuations and to study the effects of monetary policy. (See the Research section of his personal page for detailed information.)

Professor Schorfheide currently advises various regional Federal Reserve Banks in regard to the use of DSGE models and Vector Autoregressions for forecasting and policy analysis.

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時間: 2013年5月21日 (二) 下午 13 : 20 – 15 : 25
地點:台灣大學校總區 博雅教學館102教室



13:20 主持人引言

13:20~15:20 綜合座談 每位30分鐘發言

15:20~15:25 Q&A 現場問答

15:25 賦歸


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Call for Papers 第九屆知識經濟與全球化管理國際研討會

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The 9th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Economy and Global Management




耑此 順頌



Best regards,

College of Business
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Tel: +886-6-2533131 Ext.5001 Ms. Tzeng / Ext.4001 Ms. Yang
Fax: +886-6-3010977
E606 No.1 Nan-Tai Street, Yungkang Dist., Tainan City 71005, Taiwan R.O.C.
Conference E-mail: business(at)
University Website:

== 南台科技大學已修改EMAIL網域為請修正通訊錄EMAIL ==


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國立臺灣師範大學管理學院管理研究所-2013『後金融海嘯的財經挑戰 國際研討會 』,歡迎投稿

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2013『後金融海嘯的財經挑戰 國際研討會』將於2013年7月11日(星期四)至7月13日(星期六) 假國立臺灣師範大學管理學院暨稻江科技暨管理學院舉行,由國立臺灣師範大學管理學院管理研究所主辦,國立交通大學、稻江科技暨管理學院及財團法人證券暨期貨市場發展基金會協辦。

研討主題 本次學術研討會徵求論文主題如下:

1. 國際金融市場、財金計量與應用: 請投稿至 國立臺灣師範大學管理學院 周世玉教授,E-mail: sychou(at)

2. 固定收益證券、資本市場與證券投資: 請投稿至 國立臺灣師範大學管理學院 周德瑋教授,E-mail: dwchou(at)

3. 金融危機與風險管理、其他財金相關議題: 請投稿至 私立稻江科技暨管理學院 黃茂容副研發長,E-mail: 102039(at)

4. 市場微結構、財務工程、金融創新: 請投稿至 國立臺灣師範大學管理學院 蔡蒔銓教授,E-mail: chuant(at)

5. 公司理財與治理: 請投稿至 國立交通大學管理學院 鍾惠民教授,E-mail: chunghui(at)

主辦單位 國立臺灣師範大學管理學院管理研究所

協辦單位 國立交通大學、私立稻江科技暨管理學院、財團法人證券暨期貨市場發展基金會

會議時間 民國102年7月11日至13日

會議地點 國立臺灣師範大學管理學院(臺北市大安區和平東路一段162號)、稻江科技暨管理學院(嘉義縣朴子市學府路二段51號)


1. 論文全文稿截止日期:102年5月21日。

2. 通知入選論文作者與開放網路報名:102年6月6日。

3. 網路報名與註冊截止:102年6月14日。

4. 本次研討會將與North American Journal of Economics and Finance、商略學報、商管科技季刊及管理學報等SSCI/TSSCI期刊合作,經大會論文審查委員審查後擇優推薦,並經各刊必要的審查通過後刊登於上述期刊之一。

5. 投稿格式與內容:

(1) 格式:依North American Journal of Economics and Finance:之格式。

(2) 內容:按學術慣例,所有稿件均必須未曾在任何研討會或期刊中發表。首頁請註明論文所屬之領域、中英文摘要及關鍵字。封面需包含論文題目、作者姓名、發表人姓名、服務單位、職稱、聯絡地址、聯絡電話、傳真與電子郵件信箱。

(3) 本次研討會論文發表以英文進行。

(4) 來稿請註明主題,以e-mail方式分別寄送至負責窗口。

6. 投稿及聯絡方式:

通訊地址:106 台北市大安區和平東路一段162號

『國立臺灣師範大學管理學院管理研究所 2013後金融海嘯的財經挑戰 國際研討會委員會收』

聯絡電話:(02) 7734-3290 周德瑋 所長/教授

(02) 7734-3296 莊淑蕙 行政秘書



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【徵稿啟事】The 4th Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference – call for papers

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The 4th Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference

Local Hosts

College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University

College of Law, National Taiwan University

College of Management, National Taiwan University

Department of Economics, National Taiwan University

Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica

School of Management, National Central University

National Scientific Council

Taiwan Economic Association

Chinatrust Financial Holding Company

Audix Corporation

Key Overseas Sponsors

Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, University of Melbourne

Center for Economic Catch-up, Seoul National University

Date December 6th (Friday) – 7th (Saturday), 2013 Venue National Taiwan University

The 4th Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference

College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University is pleased to host the 4thAsia-Pacific Innovation Conference, in collaboration with a consortium of other academic institutions, including College of Law, National Taiwan University, College of Management, National Taiwan University, School of Management, National Central University, and Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica.

The conference will bring together scholars, including doctoral students, working on economics, management and law of innovation. It will foster an inter-disciplinary exchange of knowledge. Sessions will include contributed papers, keynote presentations and panel discussions. Please forward this information to any interested colleagues, friends, and doctoral students. We welcome contributions from across the world.

Conference dates: December 6 (Friday) and 7 (Saturday), 2013 Venue: College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University Submission Deadline: June 24, 2013

Online Submission Form: The conference will be held in English.

Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics (APJAE), an SSCI journal which isco-edited by City University of Hong Kong and National Taiwan University, and published by Taylor & Francis, plans to publish a special issue for the conference. Submissions should be sent to the journal editor, Professor Hong Hwang ( on or before January 15, 2014.

Keynote and panel speakers

Branstetter, Lee (Carnegie Mellon University)

Chu, Cyrus Chin-Yi (National Science Council)

Cockburn, Iain M. (Boston University)

Dosi, Giovanni (Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)

Haskel, Jonathan (Imperial College Business School)

Jaffe, Adam (Brandeis University)

Lee, Keun (Seoul National University)

Nagaoka, Sadao (Hitotsubashi University)

Scotchmer, Suzanne (University of California at Berkeley)

Tamura, Yoshiyuki (Hokkaido University)

Webster, Elizabeth (The University of Melbourne)


The session topics would include:

l entrepreneurship and startups

l innovation and industry evolution

l management of technology

l intellectual property protection for innovation

l standards, alliance and consortia

l research and innovation funding

l university research and university industry collaborations

l science and technology policy in developing economies.

Submission Details

We invite interested authors to submit your papers or extended abstracts by June 24, 2013. You can submit your paper online via our Online Submission Form. Submission Inquiry: info.

Please indicate the name of the presenter and his/her contact details (affiliation and email). You may also submit a proposal for a full session, which should include a short description of the session theme, title, 3 papers (or extended abstracts) and the name of the organizer and contact details. While we will consider accepting any theme significantly related to innovation, we prefer sessions with the presenters covering regional or global issues.

Submissions must be in PDF format, with a maximum size of 2MB per paper. No other file formats will be considered. Submissions must be made in English.

The Scientific Committee for the conference will evaluate the submissions and the results will be emailed by the end of July, 2013.


The registration website for the conference will open in the near future, with information on hotels. The expected conference fee covering conference registration, lunches, drinks, and the conference dinner will be 200 Australian dollars per participant. A student whose paper has been accepted is eligible for a discounted registration fee (expected to be 100 Australian dollars per participant). The registration fee is not refundable.

To stay updated on latest developments, subscribe to our email list at (click “Sign me up!”). You may also visit the conference webpage at for the most current information.

Scientific Committee

Aoki, Reiko (Hitotsubashi University)

Chen, Dar-Zen (National Taiwan University)

Chen, Jong-Rong (National Central University)

Clarke, Thomas (University of Technology Sydney)

Frankel, Susy (Victoria University of Wellington)

Huang, Mu-Hsuan (National Taiwan University)

Jang, Show-Ling (National Taiwan University)

Jensen, Paul (University of Melbourne)

Lee, Keun (Seoul National University)

Li, Shu-Hsing (National Taiwan University)

Lin, Hui-Lin (National Taiwan University)

Motohashi, Kazuyuku (University of Tokyo)

Nagaoka, Sadao (Hitotsubashi University)

Shieh, Ming-Yan (National Taiwan University)

Webster, Beth (University of Melbourne)

Wong, Poh-Kam (National University of Singapore)

Wu, Ho-Mou (Peking University)

Yang, Chih-Hai (National Central University

Local Organizing Committee and Secretary


Lin, Hui-Lin (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)


Jang, Show-Ling (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Li, Shu-Hsing (Department of Accounting, National Taiwan University)

Peng, Shin-Kun (Institute of Economics, Academia Sinica)

Shieh, Ming-Yan (College of Law, National Taiwan University)

Program Committee Member

Chen, Jong-Rong (Graduate Institute of Industrial Economics, National Central


Chen, Tain-Jy (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Hsu,Chen-Min (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Huang, Ching-I (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Hwang, Hong (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Liu, Bih Jane (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Liu, Jin-Tan (Department of Economics, National Taiwan University)

Yang, Chih-Hai (Department of Economics, National Central University)


Fan, Elliott Department of Economics, National Taiwan University No. 21, Hsu-Chow Road, Taipei, Taiwan 10055

Tel: +886-2-23519641 ext. 493 Fax: +886-2-23511826 Mobile: +886-(0)-975-927-321



Huang, Hui-meng,

Huang, Shu-hsuan Kao, Szu-yu, Liang, Sylvia


The 1st Asia Pacific Region Innovation Conference was held in University of Melbourne in January 2010. Given a rapidly growing number of scholars in the Asia-Pacific region interested in innovation issues, we envisage that we will host such conferences regularly, rotating among Asia-Pacific countries. Participating institutions include:

The Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia, University of Melbourne Institute of Innovation Research and Center for Intergenerational Studies (Institute of Economic Research), Hitotsubashi University, Japan

Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan

NUS Business School, National University of Singapore IP Academy, Singapore

University of Auckland Business School

New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law (NZCIEL) Faculty of Law, Victoria University of Wellington

College of Social Sciences, National Taiwan University School of Management, National Central University Seoul National University

Center for Economic Catch-up, KOREA

School of Management, Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Science Intellectual Property Law Center, Drake University Law School

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

To learn more, visit the Asia Pacific Innovation Network website at

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近年來,為因應國際產經動態之發展,國內產經結構亦隨之進行轉型及調整。睽諸國內企業之經營管理理念,除著重跨國經營及全球運籌之商 業模式外,對於服務品質及效率之提昇亦日益重視。究其形成主因,乃在於服務業在國內生產毛額產值所佔比率正逐年提高;而,製造業亦施行以製造業服務化之策 略,尋求進一步提昇產品附加價值與競爭力。據此,全球營運服務科學理念之傳遞與發展,儼然成為當前企業經營管理教學與研究之重要議題。主辦單位希望透過研 討會中產學經驗交流及論文發表與討論的方式,提供一個平台,讓研究全球營運、服務科學管理之青年學子與學術界同仁,得以進一步進行知識之交流與經驗之傳 遞,共同戮力促進全球營運暨服務科學相關領域之研究發展。同時,並舉辦中區(苗栗縣、台中市、彰化縣、南投縣、雲林縣)碩士論文競賽,鼓勵大學院校應屆 (101學年度畢業,包括寒假)碩士畢業生(包括EMBA)合乎獎勵主題之碩士論文。以鼓勵中部大學研究生對於此領域的理論與實務之研究,歡迎各界人士踴 躍投稿。




 A. 會計、財務管理與風險管理組
 B. 一般管理、行銷管理與國際企業管理組
 C. 科技管理、作業管理、服務管、資訊管理與創新管理組
 D. EMBA論文組



決 審將於2013年6月21日(五)於國立彰化師範大學寶山校區進行,通過初審之入圍者將進行口頭發表,依本論文獎所列四大類別同時進行評選,評選標準包括 學術水準(25%)、實用價值(25%)、創見性(25%)與論文架構(25%),每個組別由評審委員評選出一至兩名優勝論文與若干名佳作論文。獲得優勝 論文除了獎狀一張外,還包括獎金5,000元,獲得佳作的論文將獲得獎狀牌一張。


Tel :(04)7232105 ext. 7405


傳真電話:(04) 7211292

聯絡電話:04-7232105 ext.7405


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ESA-announce Fwd: TESS announcement

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We are pleased to announce that Time-Sharing Experiments for the Social Sciences (TESS) was renewed for another round of funding by NSF starting last Fall. TESS allows researchers to submit proposals for experiments to be conducted on a nationally-representative, probability-based Internet platform, and successful proposals are fielded at no cost to investigators. More information about how TESS works and how to submit proposals is available at

Additionally, we are pleased to announce the development of two new proposal mechanisms. TESS’s Short Studies Program (SSP) is accepting proposals for fielding very brief population-based survey experiments on a general population of at least 2000 adults. SSP recruits participants from within the U.S. using the same Internet-based platform as other TESS studies. More information about SSP and proposal requirements is available at

TESS’s Special Competition for Young Investigators is accepting proposals from June 15th-September 15th. The competition is meant to enable younger scholars to field large-scale studies and is limited to graduate students and individuals who are no more than 3 years post-Ph.D. More information about the Special Competition and proposal requirements is available at

For the current grant, the principal investigators of TESS are Jeremy Freese and James Druckman of Northwestern University, who are assisted by a new team of over 65 Associate PIs and peer reviewers across the social sciences. More information about our APIs is available at

James Druckman and Jeremy Freese

Principal Investigators, TESS

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ESA-announce Experimental Economics Session at MODSIM (Dec. 1-6, 2013 in Adelaide, Australia)

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Dear Colleagues,

We would like to announce an experimental economics session organized at the International Congress on Modelling and Simulation (December 1-6, 2013 in Adelaide, South Australia).

The session is concerned with experimental papers in the following areas: theory–testing laboratory and field experiments, experimental investigation of incentive compatible mechanisms and strategic behavior; integration of experimental findings for policy advice and test–bed experiments; methodology of experiments.

Key Dates
Deadline for abstract: April 30, 2013
Notification of abstract acceptance: May 7, 2013
Deadline for extended abstract/full paper submission: July 8, 2013
Deadline for final paper submission, after peer reviewing: October 7, 2013

MODSIM Website:

Abstract submission instructions:

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Best wishes,

Maroš Servátka (University of Canterbury)

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