ESA-announce Cooperation and Competition SPSP Pre-conference, Feb 2014

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Dear Colleagues,

Mina Cikara, Yarrow Dunham, and I are very excited to announce the 2014
Cooperation and Competition Pre-Conference, in connection with this year’s
Society of Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) meeting in Austin, TX.
The Cooperation and Competition Pre-Conference will take place on Thursday,
February 13, 2014, and will run from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Registration is
now open, at the Pre-Conference website:

At this one-time preconference, scholars from across psychology, economics and anthroplogy will present cutting-edge research
on cooperation and conflict among individuals and groups. Cooperative
behavior among nonkin is one of the central faculties that set humans apart
from most other animals, allowing for the development of norms and
practices that sustain our most cherished social institutions. However, the
flipside of cooperation is conflict, which appears to be a common or
perhaps even necessary component of social life.

We will begin by exploring the interplay of these forces in two lecture
symposia. First will be “Cooperation and conflict in
individuals”–featuring Sarah Brosnan, Kiley Hamlin, Benedikt Hermann, and
David Rand–followed by “Cooperation and conflict in groups”–featuring
Mina Cikara, Jeremy Ginges, Nir Halevy, and Marjorie Rhodes. The symposia
will be followed by a buffet lunch, and then two panel discussions, “Why do
we cooperate?”–featuring Carsten De Dreu, Joshua Greene, Robert Kurzban,
and Robert Boyd–and “When cooperation hurts”–featuring John Dovidio,
Elizabeth Levy Paluck, and Stephen Wright. These panel discussions will
allow for the in-depth discussion between experts in the field that is
often hard to achieve at large conferences, shedding like on the true
nature and extent of agreement and disagreement.

For more information about the Pre-Conference, please see the
Pre-Conference website:

Registration is now open at the Pre-conference website. The conference
registration fee (including lunch) is $60 for students and $80 for faculty.
Please register early!

We hope you will share our enthusiasm for this pre-conference, and invite
you to contact any of us with questions you might have.

Hope to see you in February!

Mina Cikara, Yarrow Dunham and David Rand

David G. Rand
Assistant Professor

Psychology, Economics, Cognitive Science and ManagementYale University
Email: david.rand(at)
Phone: 607.592.0218


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