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Call for Papers Special Issue on “Voluntary Market Payments”

Journal of Socio-Economics

Guest Editor: Martin Natter

The Journal of Socio-Economics is inviting submissions for a special issue on Voluntary Market Payments. Voluntary market payments, such as tipping, have a long tradition and sometimes reflect a significant part of the overall payment for a service. More recently voluntary payments have also been adopted or tested at an increasing rate by diverse services such as restaurants, sports events, car repair, hotels, cinema tickets, music downloads or zoos as temporary or even as permanent pricing mechanism for the full service or part of it. Under the name “Pay-what-you-want” (PWYW) or “Pay-as-you-wish” some of these services have gained a significant number of new customers and received customers’ attention while others failed. Implementations vary in their degree of interaction between seller and buyer, the usage of reference prices, combinations with social purposes, sales channels and the value of offered products or services. The increasing number of implementations enables field studies that can help to address interesting research questions.

The special issue on voluntary payments focuses on new thinking and research that helps to better understand the characteristics of and differences between different forms of voluntary payments and their implications for service implementations and the allocation of marketing investments.

The special issue encourages submissions focusing on key research questions that include, but are not limited to:

• How does PWYW pricing influence tipping behavior when both exist (e.g., in restaurants)?

• What is the influence of the social context on voluntary payments?

• What are the roles of provider’s perceived costs and effort for tipping and voluntary payments under price mechanisms such as PWYW?

• Do customers adapt their voluntary payments to their consumption?

• How can firms incorporate voluntary payments in their sales process?

• PWYW pricing has only been studied in B2C settings. Are there feasible implementations in a B2B setting?

• What is the role of provider’s brand under PWYW pricing?

• What is the role of convenience in voluntary payment schemes and what is an appropriate model to deal with that?

The extended deadline for initial submission to this special issue is December 16st, 2013. Papers can be submitted earlier than the deadline and in that case they will start to be handled immediately. Those papers that are invited to revise and resubmit will get three months to do so. The Guest Editor’s policy in most cases is to make a final decision on the second round. When submitting a paper, authors should use the EES system ( and choose the appropriate article category (authors select SI: Voluntary Market Payments) to mark that the paper should be considered for this special issue. Only original papers not currently under review or published in other journals may be submitted.

For questions, please contact Martin Natter (natter).

With thanks,

Guest Editor Martin Natter

Journal of Socio-Economics

Contact: natter(at)


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