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ESA-announce PhD Position at the University of Surrey

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Hello All,

This is the second posting for the position below.

Department of Health Care Management and Policy at the University of Surrey is currently seeking two PhD students, especially interested in Behavioural Economics and other interdisciplinary research approaches. The announcement of the vacancy is at and more can be learned about the project and the people involved at or by contacting me.

The deadline for application is 30th of September, 2014 but will be extended longer if there are no excellent applicants.

Please circulate the email in your departments among the master students who might be interested in,

Any questions, please contact me or Graham Cookson,


Zahra Murad

Postdoctoral Research Fellow,
Delivering Better For Less,
University of Surrey
Faculty of Business, Economics and Law
Department of Health Care Management & Policy
Austin Pearce Building (68AP02)
Guildford, Surrey GU2 7XH UK

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WEA 2015 Conferences: Call for Papers (Honolulu, Hawaii, June 28-July 2, 2015)

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Dear Colleagues:

Attached is the Call-for-Papers for the APS invited sessions of the WEA (Western Economic Association) 89th Annual Conference, to be held at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, Waikiki (Honolulu, Hawaii), June 28-July 2, 2015.

Please refer to the attached file for details, and please pass along to friends/colleagues that might be interested. . Many thanks.

Jack W. Hou

Applied Policy Studies (APS)

Sessions Coordinator

Call-Honolulu WEA15.pdf

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ESA-announce Save the Date: Experimental Finance 2015, 17-18 June, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

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Dear fellows and friends,

please save the date for the Experimental Finance 2015 – the 6th annual meeting of the Society for Experimental Finance.

The conference is hosted by the Nijmegen School of Management (Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and takes place from Wednesday, June 17 to Friday, June 19 in Nijmegen.

We are happy to announce that Nobel Laureate Vernon Smith (Chapman University) and Bruno Biais (Toulouse School of Economics) have agreed to give a keynote.

We like to invite all researchers interested in Experimental Finance to present their research at our conference in either plenary/parallel sessions or poster presentations.

Details about the conference will be provided in the Call for Papers in January next year.

We are looking forward to see you in Nijmegen…


Sascha Füllbrunn, Utz Weitzel, and Michael Kirchler (SEF Conference Officer)

Contact: s.fullbrunn(at), SEF:

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IAM2015W 研討會徵稿文件, 2015/2/3-6於新加坡

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社團法人台灣管理創新學會僅訂於2015/2/3-6於新加坡辦理【創新與管理國際研討會】(「International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2015 Winter)」),敬邀先進共襄盛舉並多多協助推廣。



                   理事長  邱光輝 教授
                   常務理事 范錚強 教授
                   常務監事 黃思明 教授 敬邀

Call for Papers
International Conference on Innovation and Management (IAM2015 Winter)
Date: February 3-6, 2015. Venue: Singapore
2.jpg 12.jpg5.jpg4.jpg6.jpg10.jpg




Pan Pacific Singapore
7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square, Singapore 039595


  1. 註冊費優惠截稿日期:2014年9月15日
  2. 截稿日期:2014年11月10日
  3. 論文接受通知:稿件上傳後14日內
  4. 研討會日期:2015年2月3日至6日

投稿論文接受Full Paper或Proposal Paper,需以英文撰寫並以MS-Word格式存檔。口頭發表語言為英文。其餘細節及稿件格式詳研討會網站(。

創新與管理國際研討會 International Conference on Innovation and Management
IAM2015W-Date: February 3-6 Venue: Singapore
執行秘書(Executive Secretary): 江靜枝 Ching-Chih Chiang (Ms.)
E-mail: iam2015w(at)

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ESA-announce reminders, North American ESA meetings

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A couple of reminders …

1) Tomorrow is the last day to get the conference rate at the hotel.

2) Wednesday is the last day to register.If you’ve forgotten the basic details …

The 2014 North-American ESA Conference will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at the Westin Beach Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, from Thursday evening October 16th to Saturday October 18th, 2014. There is an opening reception on the 16th and the conference dinner will be held on the evening of the 18th. Becky Morton and John Kagel have agreed to be the plenary speakers. The local conference website is available via this link: . You can use this to book hotel rooms. This page also has a link back to the ESA website where you can register for the conference (you must be an ESA member to register) and submit an abstract. If you have questions about the conference, please contact us at esana14(at) .

Best wishes from the organizing committee,

-Allen Blay, David Cooper, Jens Grosser, Mark Isaac, Svetlana Pevnitskaya, & Dmitry Ryvkin

David J. Cooper Brim Eminent Scholar in Economics Florida State University Department of Economics Tallahassee, FL 32306-2180 phone: 850-644-7097 website:
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Call for Papers-Japan

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Annual Tokyo Business Research Conference

DATES: 15-16 December 2014

Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan

Deadlines: Submission: 31 October 2014 and Registration: 28 November, 2014

Email: japanconfo(at)

For an extended Call for Papers please click the link below:


For more information please visit conference website:

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[學術研討會摘要撰寫及簡報課程B」台北場:9月27 早鳥優惠中

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How to Attend, Speak, or Present a Poster at an Academic Conference for Taiwanese Researcher

敬啟者 :

您已經準備好在國際學術研討會上簡報並呈現您的研究海報了嗎?Dr. Steve Wallace 提供您第一手實戰技巧,分享如何戰勝在國際學術研討會簡報的挑戰!參加國際研討會的研究者需要懂得如何慎選欲參加的研討會,撰寫並投稿論文摘要。台灣的研究者獨自到國外參與研討會、設計並呈現自己研究的海報,簡報自己的研究內容以及處理Q&A等,對於研究者來說,每一項工作都是一種挑戰。在此精華班課程中,我們承諾協助須參加國際性研討會的研究者能夠得到更多實戰經驗與技巧、如何訂定明確的策略來訓練您的英文簡報能力,幫助您更有自信地介紹您的研究成果,並找尋下一場國際研討會的合作機會!請見研討會公告網站。


時間:(9:30 a.m. ~ 16:30 p.m.,共 6 小時)
地點:台北市館前路71號10樓1009教室 (新領域教育訓練中心)


  1. 有計畫的撰寫研討會的摘要(Conference abstract)以及提案(proposal)
  2. 製作能幫助您演講的講義(handouts)
  3. 製作海報論文(Poster)並與以簡報
  4. 如何準備並從容的處理尖銳的Q&A問題
  5. 將研究論文製作成簡報並作演講
  6. 避免犯下10個PowerPoint製作上的錯誤
  7. 分辨不同的研討會種類並選擇適當的參加
  8. 有方法的介紹客座講師(Guest speaker)
  9. 在研討會中和知名的學者交際並在之後得到他們的幫助
  • 授課方式:本課程以淺顯易懂的英文授課,講者 Dr. Steve Wallace擁有十年在台灣教學的經驗,了解台灣學者在學術論文簡報所面對的挑戰與困難,藉由Steve老師幽默風趣的講課內容,輕鬆習得研討會簡報訣竅。
  • 課程教材:How to Attend, Speak, or Present a Poster at an Academic Conference for Taiwanese Researcher
  • -Dr. Steve Wallace著-

~ ~ ~ ~ 現場席次有限,請先預約報名! ~ ~ ~ ~






課程B原價NT$4,000元,現在報名享優惠價NT$3,400元整(含稅)。優惠只到開課前一週完成報名與繳費者 。費用包含課程、講義及餐點。




課程及報名資料請進填寫Melody,找張小姐 Melody,確認報名成功,謝謝。

詳情請點閱: 華樂絲學術英文寫作研討會

歡迎分享此電子郵件,轉發給您的朋友點此訂閱電子報 ,每週皆會獲得最新學術資訊。

長安西路180號3樓, 台北市, Taiwan 10349, Taiwan
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ESA-announce EER Special Issue on Social Identity and Discrimination

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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to bring your attention to a special issue at the European Economic Review on "Social Identity and Discrimination," which is co-edited by Friederike Mengel and myself. Here is the call for papers:

"The special issue collects research on social identity and discrimination. It is open to fundamental research on social identity, categorization, phenomena such as in-group bias and homophily and the cognitive and social roots of discrimination. We also welcome applied submissions that focus on implications of these biases on economic decision making. This could include applications to e.g. labor markets or gender and racial discrimination. The special issue is open to theoretical work, lab experiments or field work alike.

Authors submitting to the special issue should indicate on the cover letter whether they are willing to be considered for a regular issue of the EER if the co-editors consider the paper not a good fit for the special issue. Papers may be submitted via the EER’s electronic submission system ( from 6 September 2014, ensuring that that the article type “SI: Social Identity” is selected when prompted.

Please note that all submissions to this special issue are exempt from the EER’s submission fees.

The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2015."

Yan and Friederike

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ESA-announce Job opening – Full professor of experimental economics

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Dear all,

The economics department at the University of Mannheim invites applications for a full professorship (German “W3” position) in Experimental Economics.

The department has strong international ties, a widely recognized graduate school, and has been awarded special support as a Center of Excellence by the German government. Teaching can be entirely in English. We have a dedicated, state-of-the-art laboratory.

Some more details about the post and how to apply can be found here:

The application deadline is 31 October.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at henrik.orzen(at)

Furthermore, the department will also soon open a W3-position in Economic Theory and Behavioral Economics.

Best wishes,


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  隨著各國政府、電業致力推動智慧電表系統(Advanced Metering Infrastructure,AMI)建置,並將需量反應(Demand Response)措施由工商業建築逐漸擴大推廣至家庭住宅,為家庭能源管理系統(Home energy management systems,HEMS)市場創造發展契機。

  HEMS的概念系指運用資通訊技術,使家庭電器、照明等用電設備,可透過網路互相連動控制;更進階的功能,甚至可將與電動車充電、儲能與太陽能發電等納入系統中,同時與智慧電表連結,透過雲端平台進行連動控制執行需量反應。未來如要實現消費者可同時是電力生產者與消費者之願景,HEMS的角色更是不可或缺。有鑑於此,近期產業界將家庭能源管理產品視為家庭物聯網一環,競相投入佈局,如今年初Google大膽耗資32億美元收購溫控器廠商Nest;Apple宣布開發家庭連網Home Kit;日本廠商更是在政府祭出補貼政策的刺激下包含Panasonic、東芝、三菱電機、積水房屋與Sharp相繼推出HEMS產品,顯見HEMS市場已開始萌芽。


  • 主辦單位:工研院 產業經濟與趨勢研究中心(IEK)
  • 時  間:103年10月09日(星期四)13:30~16:10
  • 地  點:台灣金融研訓院401會議室(台北市中正區羅斯福路三段62號)


10/09 星期四

* [20141009下午智慧家庭能源管理商機研討會]

現金定價:2000元 工研人報名 一般學員報名 會員報名
時間 分項議程 講師
13:20 ~ 13:30 報到
13:30 ~ 14:10 家庭能源管理產業發展趨勢與商機分析
江緻惟 /產業分析師/工研院 產經中心
14:10 ~ 14:50 日本家庭能源管理產業商業模式創新案例
黃雅琪 /產業分析師/工研院 產經中心
14:50 ~ 15:00 Break
15:00 ~ 15:40 全球智慧家庭網路通訊標準介紹
林政廷 /經理/工研院 綠能所
15:40 ~ 16:10 家用智慧空調的節能應用趨勢
陳如煌 /經理/台灣日立公司


  • 主辦單位得視情況保留變動講師、議程變更之權利
  • 本研討會僅提供紙本講義
  • 工研院同仁享優惠1,500元/人,請透過【工研人報名
  • 一般學員:每場次新台幣2,000元/人
    • 2014年9月26日(五)前報名可享早鳥優惠價1,500元/人
    • 報名截止日期:2014年10月3日(星期五)下午5點前(額滿為止),敬請把握機會即早報名



台灣金融研訓院401教室 (台北市羅斯福路三段62號)





  • 工研院同仁享優惠1,500元/人,請透過【工研人報名
  • 一般學員:每場次新台幣2,000元/人
    • 2014年9月26日(五)前報名可享早鳥優惠價1,500元/人
    • 報名截止日期:2014年10月3日(星期五)下午5點前(額滿為止),敬請把握機會即早報名


  • 支票:
    • 抬頭:財團法人工業技術研究院
    • 郵寄地址:(310)新竹縣竹東鎮中興路四段195號10館102室吳雨璇小姐 收
  • 銀行匯款:
    • 銀行:土地銀行工研院分行 
    • 帳號:156005000025
    • 戶名:財團法人工業技術研究院
    • 匯款完成,請將匯款收執聯註明參加人員姓名及連絡電話及場次後回傳至03-5910023,以利對帳。
  • 線上刷卡:請於線上報名完成後,依照信用卡線上交易介面,執行付款步驟即可。
  • ATM轉帳:請於線上報名完成後,根據系統提供轉帳帳號,完成轉帳即可。
  • 院內轉帳:請利用「工研人報名」,報名完成後系統會自行開啟一張訓練申請單傳簽相關主管,不必另外填單,並依實際出席簽到交由會計單位協助過帳。
  • 不開放現場現金繳費


詢問電話:03-5919061 吳雨璇 小姐(E-mail:yushiuan(at)

網路報名: 請至【活動議程】報名 -線上報名全程開放至10月03日(五) 下午 05:00 截止。

傳真電話:03-5910023 (匯款完成,可利用該電話傳真匯款收執聯,並請註明參加學員姓名和場次資料)


  • 餐點:本場次提供精緻茶點
  • 主辦單位得視情況保留變動講師、議程變更之權利
  • 報名截止日期:2014年10月3日(星期五)下午5點前(額滿為止),敬請把握機會即早報名
  • 本研討會僅提供紙本講義
工研人報名 一般學員報名 會員報名 更多資訊
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Final Call for Papers-Shanghai

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Annual Shanghai Business, Economics and Finance Conference

Dates: 3 – 4 Nov 2014

VENUE: Shanghai University of International Business and Economics,

Shanghai, China

Submission Deadline: 22 September 2014

Registration Deadline: 20 October 2014

Email: paperswbi

For more information please visit conference website:

For a detailed Call for Papers please click the link below:



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Message sent to: yinung
Message sent from: World Business Institute, 31 Blake St, Berwick, VIC – AU 3806
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