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ESA-announce “Experimental Auctions" Summer School, Chania (Greece), July 7-14, 2015 (2nd announcement)

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Dear colleagues,

Apologies for possible cross-posting. This is to inform you that applications to attend the 2015 University of Bologna Summer School on “Experimental Auctions: Theory and Applications in Food Marketing and Consumer Preferences Analysis” are now open.

The course is aimed at learning the fundamentals and the recent advances of experimental auctions. It will provide the appropriate techniques to construct an experimental design, with software applications and workshops regarding specific problems in the fields of food market valuation. It will also provide the appropriate knowledge of the models used in the experimental auction literature for the data analysis. Results interpretation and policy implications will be also discussed.


Rodolfo M. Nayga, Jr. – Professor and Tyson Endowed Chair in Food Policy Economics in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness at University of Arkansas, USA

Jayson L. Lusk – Professor and Willard Sparks Endowed Chair in the Department of Agricultural Economics at Oklahoma State University, USA

Andreas Drichoutis – Lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics & Rural Development at Agricultural University of Athens, Greece

The event will take place in Chania (Crete – Greece) on July 7-14, 2015 at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania.

Submit your application here:

For further information please check the conference website:

For specific information and needs please contact: maurizio.canavari

Best regards,

Andreas Drichoutis

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Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce that Tstat – the Italian supplier of Stata – is organizing the following school on 17-22 May:


Florence, 17-22 May 2015


Kit Baum, Boston College

Giovanni Cerulli, CNR-IRCrES

All information about this event are available here:

Please, circulate this news among interested people and in your network.

Best wishes,

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ESA-announce Deadline in 3 days: NYU-Duke Neuroeconomics Summer Institute

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2015 NYU-Duke Neuroeconomics Summer Institute

July 12-July 25, 2015

Location: NYU Shanghai Pudong Campus

*Call for applications: Deadline February 14 2015*

New York University, Duke University and the Shanghai Neuroeconomics Collective are delighted to present the first biennial Duke-NYU Cooperative International Summer Institute for Neuroeconomics, directed by Nathaniel Daw (NYU), Paul Glimcher (NYU), Ben Hayden (University of Rochester), Agnieszka Tymula (University of Sydney), Michael Platt (Duke University) and Xiao-Jing Wang (NYU and NYU-Shanghai).

The goal of the Neuroeconomics Summer Institute is to bring together post-docs and advanced graduate students in neuroscience, psychology, economics and related disciplines for intensive and advanced study of the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field of Neuroeconomics. The course will feature daily lectures, morning and afternoon, by leading international faculty in Neuroeconomics. Workshops and experimental projects will take place in the evenings. Modeled after the Cold Spring Harbor Banbury meetings and the International Behavioral Economics Summer School, the course aims to be the preeminent training venue for young neuroeconomists.

The courses will be taught by a faculty of internationally prominent experts in neuroeconomics, including Xinying Cai (NYU Shanghai), Molly Crockett (Oxford), Michael Dorris (Chinese Academy of Sciences), Jeff Erlich (NYU Shanghai), Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich), Eric Johnson (Columbia), Uma Karmarkar (Harvard Business School), Liz Phelps (NYU), Drazan Prelec (MIT), Matthew Rushworth (Oxford), Naoshige Uchida (Harvard), Jeff Stevens (University of Nebraska), Daphna Shohamy (Columbia), Elke Weber (Columbia), Elise Payzan-LeNestour (University of New South Wales), and Shihwei Wu (National Yang-Ming University).

Interested in applying? For details, please visit our website at

Application deadline is February 14, 2015.

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ESA-announce Inaugural Workshop for New Lab at NYUAD!

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Dear Colleagues

Please join us for an Inaugural Workshop in honor of our new social science experimental laboratory on Saadiyat Island at New York University, Abu Dhabi, on Sunday, March 15th, organized by Olivier Bochet, Chetan Dave, Nikos Nikiforakis, Pablo Hernandez, and myself. We have three excellent plenary speakers:

James Andreoni, UCSD

Diana Mutz, Penn

Leeat Yariv, Caltech

The workshop program and details (including registration of interest in attending) can be found here:

Our new lab has 48 machines dividable into two separate labs or one single large one (24 of which are laptops for mobile, lab-in-the field experiments). We have a full time laboratory manager, several postdoctoral fellows, and a full time human subject recruiter who is currently building us a unique subject pool in the broader UAE community. If you are interested in attending the Inaugural Workshop or visiting us at NYUAD otherwise, please contact me at rbm5.


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ESA-announce DEADLINE EXTENSION: Conference on Economic Design 2015

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Please note that the deadline for submissions to SED2015 is extended to March 1, 2015.

The Conference of the Society for Economic Design 2015will take place at Istanbul Bilgi University on July 1-4, 2015. The plenary speakers are Eric Maskin (Leo Hurwich Lecture), Stephen Morris (Murat Sertel Lecture), Charles Plott (SED Lecture) and Rakesh Vohra (Paul Kleindorfer Lecture).

Organizing the sessions not by methodology but by topic, the conference aims to implement a platform for theorists and experimentalists to benefit more from each other. Deadline for submissions is March 1, 2015. Please see the details at

To follow the tradition, there will be a doctoral school adjunct to the conference on June 30-July 1, 2015. This year’s school is organized by Bilgi Economics Lab of Istanbul on experimental economics with special emphasis on the role of experiments for economic design. The lecturers are Gary Bolton, Jordi Brandts, Seda Ertac, Ayca Ebru Giritligil and Emin Karagozlu. For details, please see

Ayca Ebru Giritlgil
member, Scientific Committee, SED2015

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ESA-announce PhD and MSc scholarships at the University of East Anglia

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Dear all,

Could you please circulate the message below among your students?



Prof. Enrique Fatas
Head of Economics
University of East Anglia
Norwich NR4 7TJ

UK Top 10 Economics Department (Guardian University Guide 2015)
UK Top 2 for Student Satisfaction (National Student Survey for Economics 2014)
World Top 1% University (Times Higher Education World Rankings 2013-14)
World Top 100 University (Leiden Ranking 2014)


What do Klaus Abbink, Martin Kocher, Graham Loomes and Chris Starmer (to name a few) have in common? They were all based at some point of their careers here, at the University of East Anglia. If you are considering an academic career and want to join a vibrant and passionate group of behavioural economists, including Robert Sudden, Peter Moffat, Ted Turocy, Anders Poulsen, David Hugh-Jones, Subhasish Chowdhury, Enrique Fatas, and several junior researchers, NOW is the time to apply. We have up to 6 PhD scholarships and up to 10 MSc scholarships waiting for top students. You may get information about the scholarships in the two following links:

The School of Economics is part of the ESRC Network for Integrated Behavioural Science (NIBS) network, and has one of the best laboratories in the world (Centre for Behavioural and Experimental Social Science, CBESS). You may get information about our research activities here:

School of Economics:


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ESA-announce Position of Associate Professor (Applied Economics)

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Dear all,

the Department of Economics and Finance at Luiss Guido Carli (Rome, Italy) is seeking applications for a position of associate professor in applied economics. The deadline for applying is January 19th, 2015.

The official call can be found here:

Application forms are available here:

Please circulate to anyone you think might be interested.

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ESA-announce Social Norms and Institutions: Model Building, Empirical Corroborations, and Applications

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Call for Papers

Social Norms and Institutions: Model Building, Empirical Corroborations, and Applications
International Conference at the Congressi Stefano Franscini (CSF) of ETH Zurich, Monte Verità, Ascona Switzerland
10-15 May 2015

Organizers: Andreas Diekmann, Ernst Fehr, Ryan Murphy, Roberto Weber
Conference email: sni2015


Social norms and institutions have had a large impact on how people behave in daily life, on economic activity, on solving political conflicts, and on the welfare of nations. By definition "Institutions are the humanly devised constraints that structure political, economic and social interaction" (Douglas North). Property rights, democratic institutions, patent rights, auction rules, divorce laws, voting rules, financial market and environmental regulations serve as examples of institutions. “Perverse” incentives leading to undesirable and inefficient outcomes for the society at large is an important topic in this research program, as sensible looking incentive mechanisms can lead to a variety of unintended consequences. Social norms and institutions govern all areas of society. Several authors have developed theories that propose that the character of institutions is a key factor in explaining why states prosper or fail.

Modern research in the field of norms and institutions relies on new theories and methods such as the concepts and theories of asymmetric information, signaling, social networks, classical and behavioral decision theory and game theory, psychological theories of motivation etc. Research is conducted by various methods: Case studies, survey studies, field experiments, lab experiments and computer simulation studies. Here are some examples of research questions:

  • How do social norms of cooperation emerge endogenously without third-party intervention?
  • What is the impact of social norms versus monetary incentives on human behavior?
  • Which type of institutional rules will promote and sustain cooperation in social dilemmas?
  • Which type of institutions will emerge to solve problems of trust, risk and asymmetric information?
  • How are “social preferences” relevant to explaining the efficient functioning and behavioral consequences of institutions?
  • There are an increasing number of rating systems and reputation institutions, both in the “offline” world and on the internet. What are the effects, and side effects, of these new institutions?
  • What are the distributional implications of norms and institutions?
  • What are the proper institutional schemes to tackle problems of climate change, corruption, international negotiations, financial crises and the risks of bank failures?

The conference will offer a platform for the exchange of ideas for experts developing, testing and applying theories of social norms and institutions in diverse social sciences. Invited participants are from a variety of countries and have different disciplinary backgrounds.

Speakers are from the department of Humanities at ETH and the Economics department at the University of Zurich. In addition, the following invited speakers will give presentations at the conference: Christina Bicchieri, University of Pennsylvania, Martin Dufwenberg, University of Arizona, Robert C. Ellickson, Yale Law School, Uri Gneezy, University of California San Diego, Christine Horne, Washington State University, Siegwart Lindenberg, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Werner Raub, University of Utrecht, Linda Steg, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Thomas Voss, University of Leipzig.

We welcome further contributions. Contributions (title, abstract, manuscript if available) should be submitted no later than 31 January 2015 to Stefan Wehrli (sni2015). Please mention whether you are applying for a conference presentation or a poster session.

See the conference website: for a description of the venue and for conference fees.

Call Social Norms and Institutions.pdf

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ESA-announce Senior professor position in Wine

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Dear all,
There is a Senior professor position in the Burgundy School of Business, at the newly created School of Wine, to start in September.
Applications from experimentalists are more than wanted!
Life in Dijon is good, salaries are highly competitive in France, wine is good, opportunities to work with professionals are high, we have a very big lab (80 cells), and a wine dedicated in situ shop.
Send me a message if you are interested to do work related with wine. I will explain you the details of the application process and give you the details of the contacts.
Please note this is a position in a business school and not at the university so you do not need to pass into the "qualification" French procedure.
Best regards,
Angela Sutan

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ESA-announce Fully funded PhD position combining agent-based modelling and laboratory experiments

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Interested students are welcome to apply for this fully-funded PhD position before March 15 2015.

PhD position – Closing the gap between the real world and the lab? Agent technology to extrapolate behavior change in the lab.

University of Societal Impact:
The University of Twente is strong in creating societal impact of its research by combining an entrepreneurial attitude with design solutions for societal problems. The faculty of Behavioural, Management and Social Sciences has recently launched an investment programme called Tech4people to strengthen its academic fields. We are looking for candidates for 7 pioneering multidisciplinary projects, including this one.

Job specification
In a modern society people regularly face decisions involving considerable risks. These include financial and social risks, uncertainty about future economic climate or risk of natural disasters. A rational agent paradigm alone cannot capture the whole complexity of people’s decision making. Behavioral sciences showed that such decisions are biased, and that biases in risk perception change with time depending on the information provided, on how it was framed, and on interactions within one’s social network. Social amplification of risks may exaggerate or attenuate perceptions of risks, corresponding behavioral choices, and their cumulative consequences for a society. This calls for tools that can trace changes in risk perceptions and corresponding behavioral changes in societies over long time-scales explicitly accounting for social interactions.

The ambition of this PhD project is to combine the strengths of laboratory experiments with human subjects and agent-based simulations to explore effects of risk information on risk perceptions and behavioral changes. Specifically, the project focuses on changes in individual risk perception and subsequent risky choices when people are exposed to information individually versus when social interactions with peers are allowed. It is important to know effects of scaling up laboratory results in time and in the number of participants. Modern technology permits running online large-scale experiments with mixed subjects – humans and computer agents parameterized with small-scale laboratory experiment data. This project focuses on flood risks.

Your profile

You have a master degree and experience in either (1) psychology/experimental economics with programming skills or experience with agent-based modeling, or (2) mathematics/computer science with interest in psychology or decision-making under risk in general. You have strong quantitative skills, ability to program, knowledge of statistics and capacity to perform data analysis. You write and speak fluently in English. You have independent research and publication skills. Knowledge in the field of risk research or laboratory experiments is an advantage.

To apply for this position, please go to and select the current position from the list to fill in the online application form before March 15, 2015. Please include (1) your cover letter, (2) resume, and (3) a list of publications (if applicable).

Starting date: around May 2015. First reviews and interviews will start on March 16, 2015.

For more information on this position please contact Dr. T.Filatova (t.filatova, p.w.devries, j.vanhillegersberg, ).

Our offer
We offer a very challenging position in an inspiring environment. This position is a PhD project. As a PhD candidate you will be appointed in a full-time position for a period of three years (38 hours a week), leading to a dissertation. The gross monthly salary for a PhD increases from € 2125,- in the first year to € 2593,- in the third year (in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement for Dutch Universities). The University of Twente offers additional attractive employment conditions.

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ESA-announce PhD Studentship: Vienna University of Economics and Business

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Dear all,the Vienna University of Economics and Business is currently seeking applications for the Doctoral Program of International Business Taxation (DIBT). There is available a limited number of fully funded PhD studentships. Students with an interest in experimental research in the field of taxation are encouraged to apply.


The deadline for applications is February 15, 2015.

Kind regards


Rupert Sausgruber

Professor of Public Economics

Department of Economics

Vienna University of Economics and Business

Welthandelsplatz 1

1020 Vienna

Tel: +43 1 31336 5618


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ESA-announce PhD opportunities

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PhD opportunities at Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain

We seek outstanding students who are motivated to pursue a PhD in different areas of management studies:

* Accounting * Marketing

* Business Economics * Strategy

* Business Analytics * Operations Management

* Consumer Behavior * Organizational Behavior

* Judgment and Decision Making * Statistics and Data Analysis

The PhD track lasts 4 years for students with 4 years of undergraduate education (or 3 + 1 masters).** In year 1, students take courses across a range of topics as well as in research methodology and consolidate their domain-specific knowledge. Years 2 through 4 are devoted to working on the PhD dissertation.

All students who pass the first year successfully will be awarded scholarships that cover tuition fees and teaching assistantships worth 12,000 € per year. In the first year, students may also have teaching assistantships and can qualify for tuition reductions. Students can, of course, also apply for scholarships from sources outside of UPF.

Applications for entrance should be filed by March 15, 2015 – see

PhD studies take place in a challenging and stimulating intellectual environment that questions received wisdom and explores the boundaries of knowledge. Recent graduates have gone on to follow research and teaching careers in élite institutions such as INSEAD, IESE Business School, ESADE, Bocconi University, Max Planck Institute (Berlin), Universidad Carlos III (Madrid), Universidad de los Andes, University of California at San Diego, and the Catholic University of Portugal.

Faculty members who participate in the program are listed on the UPF webpage —

Please direct enquiries to gpefm

**Students with 3-year undergraduate degrees are encouraged to enroll in the Masters of Science at the Barcelona School of Management by July 13, 2015– see

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ESA-announce Interdisciplinary Doctoral program at the University of Konstanz

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Dear all

The Graduate School of Decision Sciences (GSDS) at the University of Konstanz is funded by the German Excellence Initiative. The GSDS is pleased to announce the availability of three-year scholarships for PhD students (€ 1,300/month), starting in October 2015.

Applications are welcome from highly motivated graduates with an outstanding research-oriented Master’s degree or equivalent, in a subject relevant to the GSDS research areas:

• Area A: Behavioural Decision Making
• Area B: Intertemporal Choice and Markets
• Area C: Political Decisions and Institutions
• Area D: Information Processing and Statistical Analysis.

Application deadline for admission in October 2015: 15th April 2015.
For further information and to apply for the GSDS PhD Programme, please visit: .


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Call for Abstract – International Conference of Computing in Economics and Finance

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CEF 2015, June 20-22, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan

Society for Computational Economics21st International Conference on Computing in Economics and Finance

Abstract Submissions deadline is near!!!

Organized Sessions: (Deadline: Feb 16 2015)

CEF 2015 will have organized sessions on the following topics. More details here!.

  1. Agent-Based Macro Models – (Organizer: Cars Hommes)
  2. Laboratory Experiments – (Organizer: Cars Hommes)
  3. Expectations and Learning – (Organizer: Cars Hommes)
  4. The Cross-Strait: Computational and Behavioral Approach to Economics – (Organizer: Wei-Xing Zhou)
  5. Quantitative Finance – (Organizer: Carl Chiarella)
  6. Theory of Heterogeneous Agents – (Organizer: Carl Chiarella)
  7. Modelling Economic Networks – (Organizer: Mikhail Anufriev)
  8. Computational Methods – (Organizer: Gary Anderson)
  9. Agent-Based Models and Policy Design – (Organizer: Thomas Lux)
  10. Agent-Based Models: Econometric issues and Validation – (Organizer: Thomas Lux)
  11. Machine Learning in Finance – (Organizer: German Creamer)
  12. Systemic Risks and Network Resilience – (Organizer: Akira Namatame and Yuji Aruga)
  13. House Prices and Mortgage Debt – (Organizer: Kevin Lansing)
  14. Dynamics of limit order markets – (Organizer: Xuezhong He)
  15. Asset pricing and portfolio optimization – (Organizer: Xuezhong He)
  16. Measuring risks in financial assets – (Organizer: Francesco Ravazzolo)
  17. Macroeconomic Models of the Dynamics of Income Inequality in Closed and Open Economies – (Organizers: G. C. Lim and Paul McNelis)
  18. Computational and Econometric Issues in Solving and Estimating Nonlinear Dynamic Economic Models

General Submission: (Deadline: Feb 16 2015)

Please find the members of International Program Committee and their respective area of reviewing here. For abstract submission, please visit here.

Conference Coordinator, CEF2015, AI-Econ Research Center,

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Int. Conf. on Policy Implications of Systemic Risk Models & Measures – Amsterdam, 4/5 june 2015

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Dear colleagues,

(Please forward this call to anyone interested)

Andre Lucas, Dirk Schoenmaker, Arjen Siegmann and Siem Jan Koopman are organizing the conference below June 4-5 in Amsterdam. Invited speakers include Goodhart, Manganelli, and Peydro. We welcome your participation and/or your paper submission. Registering can be done by mailing to SYRTO.conference() Also papers can be submitted there before the deadline. Conference fee will be limited to covering the conference dinner costs thanks to sponsorship by the EU FP7.

We look forward to your contribution.

Kind regards,

Andre Lucas, Dirk Schoenmaker, Arjen Siegmann, Siem Jan Koopman

International Conference on the Policy Implications of Systemic Risk Models and Measures
Call for Papers

4-5 June 2015, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The Amsterdam School of Finance and Risk Management and the Econometrics Group of VU University Amsterdam organize a conference on the edge between systemic risk models and measures and actual policy making. The conference aims to bring together academics, policy makers, and professionals and is part of the SYRTO project (Systemic Risk Tomography), sponsored by the FP7 EU framework.

The motivation for the conference is that much research has been devoted to the modeling of systemic risk. This has led to many valuable qualitative insights. On the other hand, much econometric work has been done as well, leading to a range of different systemic risk measures. A key challenge is to determine how qualitative insights can best be transformed into concrete policy triggers, as well as how alternative systemic risk measures can help to support actual policy making.

TOPICS: We invite papers on the following (and related) topics:
1. Policy implications for systemic risk;
2. New model insights for systemic risk;
3. Novel systemic risk measurement methodologies and their policy use;
4. Empirical comparisons of existing systemic risk measurement methodologies.

The final program will include both submitted and invited papers, as well as a poster session.

Charles Goodhart (London School of Economics, Financial Markets Group)
Simone Manganelli (Head Financial Research, ECB)
Jose-Luis Peydro (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, ICREA-UPF)

Monica Billio, University of Venice
Frank Diebold, University of Pennsylvania
Siem Jan Koopman, VU University Amsterdam
Andre Lucas, VU University Amsterdam
Marco Pagano, University of Naples Federico II, CSEF and EIEF, chair of the Advisory

SCIENTIFIC COMMITTEE OF THE ESRB: Dirk Schoenmaker, VU University Amsterdam and Duisenberg School of Finance

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: Papers should be submitted before March 20, 2015 to syrto.conference() Decisions regarding acceptance will be made by March 31, 2015. The final version of accepted papers must be received by April 30, 2015. Limited sponsoring is available for a selection of accepted papers.

LOCAL ORGANIZERS: Siem Jan Koopman, Andre Lucas, Arjen Siegmann.


SYRTO: This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 320270.

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