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IJENS – International Journals of Engineering & Sciences

CALL FOR PAPERShttp://ijens.org/cfp.pdf
Submission Deadline: January 2015
Volume: 15 Issue: 01 - February 2015
Dear Colleague, 
We cordially invite you and your fellows to submit your research work in the upcoming issue of INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS OF ENGINEERING AND SCIENCES (IJENS) at http://www.ijens.org. IJENS aims to be an effective forum for interchange of high quality theoretical and applied research in all Engineering and Sciences disciplines from basic research to application development. International Journals of Engineering and Sciences are scholarly, peer-reviewed journals that provide rapid publications and a forum to the academics, scholars and advanced level students for exchanging significant information and productive ideas associated with all Engineering and Sciences disciplines. 
Paper Submission:
Please Submit your papers at: editor OR editor.ijens
Submission Deadline: January 2015
IJENS Publisher indexed in many International Databases like SCOPUS. http://www.scopus.com/

To see the impact factors of the Journals under IJENS, please click here: IJENS IMPACT FACTOR
Important Dates:
Submission Deadline: January 2015
Journal Publication: February 2015
IJENS-RPG (Researchers Promotion Group) includes Editors, Reviewers, Researchers and Authors.
TO JOIN: IJENS-RPG (Researchers Promotion Group)

Citations Details:
Use Following Link: http://ijens.org/Impact%20Factor.html

Free-Paper Formatting:
Use Following Link: http://ijens.org/Papers%20Formatting.html

Collaboration with Institutes:
IJENS can collaborate with Institutes for publishing their conference/other papers in Special and Regular Issues.

IJENS Publisher reserves all rights to publish the journals of IJENS - International Journals of Engineering & Sciences.
Scope of IJENS:
The aim & scope of IJENS can be read at http://ijens.org/aim%20&%20scope.html
Scope of all six journals of IJENS is mentioned below respectively. 
IJENS Archive: 
All previous issues published by IJENS since commencement are available at http://ijens.org/current%20issue.html
CALL FOR PAPERS ( http://www.ijens.org ) 
International Journal of Engineering & Technology (IJET)
ISSN: 2077-1185(Online) & 2227-2712(Print) IJET Impact Factor = 1.2671 (Year 2013)
Scope: http://ijens.org/ijet.html 
Latest Issue: Vol 14 Issue 06 - December 2014 http://ijens.org/IJET%20Vol%2014%20Issue%2006.html
International Journal of Video & Image Processing and Network Security (IJVIPNS)
ISSN: 2077-1207(Online) & 2227-2755(Print) IJVIPNS Impact Factor = 1.5529 (Year 2013)
Scope: http://ijens.org/ijvipns.html 
Latest Issue: Vol 14 Issue 06 - December 2014 http://ijens.org/IJVIPNS%20Vol%2014%20Issue%2006.html
International Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences (IJBAS)
ISSN: 2077-1223(Online) & 2227-2720(Print) IJBAS Impact Factor = 0.9878 (Year 2013)
Scope: http://ijens.org/ijbas.html 
Latest Issue: Vol 14 Issue 06 - December 2014 http://ijens.org/IJBAS%20Vol%2014%20Issue%2006.html 
International Journal of Civil & Environmental Engineeing (IJCEE)
ISSN: 2077-1258(Online) & 2227-2763(Print) IJCEE Impact Factor = 1.3033 (Year 2013)
Scope: http://ijens.org/ijcee.html 
Latest Issue: Vol 14 Issue 06 - December 2014 http://ijens.org/IJCEE%20Vol%2014%20Issue%2006.html

International Journal of Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering (IJMME)
ISSN: 2077-124X(Online) & 2227-2771(Print) IJMME Impact Factor = 1.504 (Year 2013)
Scope: http://ijens.org/ijmme.html 
Latest Issue: Vol 14 Issue 06 - December 2014 http://ijens.org/IJMME%20Vol%2014%20Issue%2006.html
International Journal of Electrical & Computer Sciences (IJECS)
ISSN: 2077-1231(Online) & 2227-2739(Print) IJECS Impact Factor = 1.5485 (Year 2013)
Scope: http://ijens.org/ijecs.html 
Latest Issue: Vol 14 Issue 06 - December 2014 http://ijens.org/IJECS%20Vol%2014%20Issue%2006.html

IJENS-RPG (Researchers Promotion Group) 
Support Staff IJENS 
International Journals of Engineering & Sciences 
For Contact & Queries: editor & editor.ijens
Journal web site: http://www.ijens.org
"We apologize if you receive this message more than once. If you have received this email in error, please forward it to the appropriate department at your institution. Please do not reply to this message."

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