ESA-announce EF2012 Luxembourg

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Dear all,

please find attached the Call-for-Papers to this year’s conference
Experimental Finance 2012 in Luxembourg.

Kind regards,


Call for Papers
We announce the conference Experimental Finance Luxembourg 2012. The conference represents the annual meeting of the Society for Experimental Finance. This year’s conference is hosted by the Luxembourg School of Finance, Université du Luxembourg, and will be held at the Abbaye de Neumünster in Luxembourg from September 3rd to 5th.

Keynote lectures
Peter Bossaerts, California Institute of Technology: Experiments to decipher the neurobiology behind financial decision making Charles Noussair, Tilburg University: Bubbles and Crashes in Experimental Asset Markets: Fundamental and Emotional Processes

Research Papers: You are encouraged to submit papers in Experimental Finance with a wide definition of Finance (e.g., bubble formation, risk-taking, agent-based simulations and experiments of financial markets, FX-markets, market microstructure, etc.).
Electronic Submission: Submit two files in PDF format: (1) An extended abstract (max 500 words) or a full paper with author affiliations (name(s) of the authors(s), complete address, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses for each author) and (2) an extended abstract or a full paper without name(s) and affiliation(s) of author(s). Please indicate which author will present the paper. If your paper is accepted, you are expected to act as chair or discussant during the conference.
Please submit to: EF2012LSF

Deadline: The deadline for submission is June 25, 2012. Authors will be notified by July 9, 2012.

Local Organizers: Tibor Neugebauer, Tim Carlé and Martine Zenner

Conference URL:

Society for Experimental Finance URL:

Tibor Neugebauer
University of Luxembourg
Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance
Luxembourg School of Finance
4, rue Albert Borschette
L-1246 Luxembourg (google maps)
+352466644-6285 (telephone); -6835 (fax)
Tibor.Neugebauer(at) (email)

(See attached file: Call-For-Papers EF2012LSF.pdf)

Call-For-Papers EF2012LSF.pdf

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Reminder: ESA European Conference Cologne 2012

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The ESA European Conference 2012 will be hosted by the University of Cologne (Germany) and will be held from September 12th to 15th.

Abstracts can be submitted until June 17th.

We particularly encourage submissions in the field of “Bounded Ethicality” and of papers that review insights from the ultimatum game and/or deal with new results.

Our keynote speakers are:

•  Max Bazerman (Harvard Business School)
•  Urs Fischbacher (University of Konstanz)
•  Werner Güth (Max Planck Institute of Economics, Jena)

The Call for Papers and the conference details can be found here:

We would be very happy to welcoming you in Cologne!

Best regards on behalf of all local organizers (Bernd Irlenbusch, Alex Ockenfels, Bettina Rockenbach, Dirk Sliwka)

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ESA-announce 3rd LeeX International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental Macroeconomics

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The 3rd LeeX International Conference on Theoretical and Experimental
Macroeconomics, will be held June 18-19, 2012, at Universtat Pompeu
Fabra in Barcelona Spain.

Keynote speakers are Ramon Marimon and Shyam Sunder.

The program is now available at

Organizers: John Duffy, Frank Heinemann, and Rosemarie Nagel

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ESA-announce 11th Tiber Symposium on Psychology and Economics

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Dear colleagues,

Attached please find the call for papers for the “11th TIBER Symposium on Psychology and Economics" which will take place at Tilburg University (the Netherlands) on Friday August 24, 2012.

Keynote speakers:
– Colin Camerer
– George Loewenstein

Abstract submission deadline:
– June 1, 2012

Best, Jan

TIBER XI – August 24 2012 – Call for papers.pdf

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ESA-announce 2012 International ESA Conference, New York – Preliminary Program & Early Registration Cut Off date

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Dear all,

The Center for Experimental and Social Science (CESS) at New York University (with the support of the C.V Starr Center for Applied Economics at NYU) is pleased to host the International Economic Science Association Conference 2012 on June 21-24 2012.

The preliminary Program is now available on our website:
The ‘Abstracts’ booklet will follow shortly.

Please take a look to see the time and date of your talk. Please also contact me, caroline.madden(at), to let me know if your Name or Title need to be corrected. The information was pulled directly from the ESA website, and it sometimes adds some interesting symbols where accents may normally exist.

Please also remember that the early registration cut off date is May 10th. After this time, the price of registration will go up.

Many thanks

Caroline Madden
Program Administrator
Department of Economics
New York University
19 W. 4th Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10012
Tel: 212-992-8660
Fax: 212-995-3932
E-mail: caroline.madden(at)

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ESA-announce ESA European Conference Cologne 2012

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The ESA European Conference 2012 will be hosted by the University of Cologne (Germany) and will be held from September 12th to 15th.

The Call for Papers and the conference details can be found here:

We would be very happy to welcoming you in Cologne!

Best regards on behalf of all local organizers

Julian Conrads

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ESA-announce Call for Papers Experimental Economics from Transportation Research Board

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The Transportation Research Board has issued a Call for Papers for the 2013 Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting on Experimental Economics approaches to studying transportation and traffic issues.

The deadline for papers is August 1, 2012. Please see further information at:

Elisabet Rutstrom
Georgia State University

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ESA-announce 2012 North-American ESA meetings in Tucson

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The 2012 regional North-American ESA meeting will be held at the Westward Look resort, Tucson, from Thursday evening November 15 (reception) through Saturday 6:00 p.m. November 17. There will be special panel discussion marking the 50th year of experimental economics. Four pioneers of experimental economics (John Kagel, Charles Plott, Reinhard Selten, and Vernon Smith) will offer their perspectives on how the field developed and where it should be headed.

We are delighted to announce that Guillaume Frechette (NYU) and Ulrike Malmendier (UC Berkeley) have agreed to be plenary speakers.

Registration for the conference can be done via the ESA website (recall you must be an ESA member):

When you register you may submit an abstract (+title+coauthors) of the paper you would like to present.

Registration for faculty (student) members is $250 ($150). After October 16, registration fees will increase to $300 ($200) for faculty (student) members and we will lose the special ESA rate for rooms at the WWL. Please make your hotel reservation through the Westward Look (800 722-2500) and mention that you are part of the ESA group in order to obtain the reduced rate.

Important Dates:

Submission closing date: September 23, 2012
Preliminary program available: September 30, 2012
Early registration and hotel reservation cut-off: October 16, 2012

The conference website, where further details and announcements will be posted, can be found at

Hope to see you in Tucson!

Dan Friedman and John Wooders

John Wooders
Distinguished Research Professor
Centre for the Study of Choice (CenSoC) and Department of Economics
University of Technology Sydney

Economics Disciple Group
PO Box 123
Broadway NSW 2007

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ESA-announce Reminder: DEADLINE for Paper submission and Registration for the International Economic Science Association Conference, NYU June 2012 APPROACHING

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The Center for Experimental and Social Science (CESS) at New York University (with the support of the C.V Starr Center for Applied Economics at NYU) is pleased to host the International Economic Science Association Conference 2012 on June 21-24 2012

Abstract Submissions:
The deadline for submitting your abstract for the International Economic Science Association Conference 2012 on June 21-24 2012 is fast approaching. We need to have your submissions no later than April 21st, 2012. Please visit our website: for submission.

Registration for the conference is open, and the Early Registration cutoff date is May 10th 2012. After this date the fee goes up a bit, and the final cutoff date for registration is now the slightly earlier date of May 23rd 2012.

Friday Night Boat Cruise:
The cost of registration includes the Friday night conference dinner, which will take place on the Lady Windridge Yacht. If you plan on bringing your partner to this event, you need to let us know no later than Wednesday May 23rd 2012 and the cost will be $70.00 per person. We will provide everyone with tickets to board the yacht.

In order to offer you a varied choice and experience for your stay during the June 2012 ESA Conference here in New York, we have contracted with five different hotels. We have obtained special rates for the nights of 21st, 22nd & 23rd June 2012. We have a set number of rooms with each hotel, so book soon to avoid disappointment. The rooms will all be released a month prior to the conference, so please don’t leave it too late. Please note that all prices listed exclude tax. Details for the hotels can all be found on our website.

We look forward to welcoming you here in June 2012.

Caroline Madden
Program Administrator
Department of Economics
New York University

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ESA-announce Call for proposals – 8th International Microinsurance Conference, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania – 6 to 8 November 2012

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Call for proposals – 8th International Microinsurance Conference

6 to 8 November 2012, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

From 6 to 8 November 2012, the 8th International Microinsurance Conference will take place in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. This event will be hosted by the Munich Re Foundation and the Microinsurance Network, supported by GIZ/BMZ, TIRA, ATI.AIO, MFW4A, iRA, UIA, CEAR and AfDB.

Target audience
Around 400 participants and experts from around the world will exchange experiences and discuss the challenges of microinsurance. The participants will includerepresentatives of insurance and reinsurance companies, international organisations, NGOs and development-aid agencies as well as academics, policymakers, and supervisory regulators.

To cover subjects that are currently of interest, the conference organisers are calling for proposals on the following themes:

1) Case studies of innovative and viable client-centered microinsurance solutions In theory, insurance should enable low-income households to manage risks more efficiently, but does that occur in practice? How can microinsurers design products thatmeet the needs of low-income households, provide them with good value for their money, while still being viable? Submissions should explore ways in which products can be adapted to ensure that they benefit the target market and/or highlight innovative approaches to managing large numbers of small-ticket policies. Proposals on all types of risks are welcome. Submissions must include soliddata providing evidence of the execution of the programme.

2) Thematic issues
a) Experience with cooperative and mutual insurers
The year 2012 is the United Nations International Year of Cooperatives (IYC).
Submissions should focus on the advantages and disadvantages of providing microinsurance through cooperative and mutual insurers and their contribution to reducing poverty and providing value to the client. Presentations shouldhighlight the strengths and challenges of the cooperative business model as an alternative means of providing insurance and furthering socio-economic development.

b) Providing health insurance to the poor
Submissions on this subject should include the following issues: What is the status of the provision of health microinsurance to the poor in terms of outreach and acceptance? How can solutions including PPPs be designed tomeet the needs of the poor? How can social security schemes leverage the expertise and efficiency of the private sector? How is it possible to deal with the limited availability of even basic health service in rural areas? What are effective sustainability strategies for health microinsurance schemes? How can one limit adverse selection and moral hazard? How can one increase benefits, including outpatient cover and pharmaceuticals? How should back office systems be designed in order to reduce costs, improve efficiency and provide better value? Are subsidies needed for effective health microinsurance? Can they be relied on for long-term cover? Where is the ”line” between what needs to be subsidised and what does not?

c) Technology to achieve scale and efficiency
In order for microinsurance to be viable, it needs to efficiently reach large numbers of low-income people. Many microinsurers have high hopes for the role that technology (e.g. mobile phones, portable devices, smart cards, internet, etc.) might play in achieving that objective. How can technology contribute to effective claims handling and help to reach out to potential customers? What role does technology play in consumer education? What will be the role of mobile phones in making insurance more accessible to everyone and expanding microinsurance beyond the low-income market? Presentations should focus on how microinsurance providers followed a practical process to identify the best-suited technology to reach out to customers and explore its pros and cons. Submissions must include information and data about the costs and benefits of making such an investment, an assessment of the break-even point required in terms of premium turnover and/or number of clients as well as a cost-benefit analysis assessing the effectiveness of consumer-education methods.

d) Failures in microinsurance
Microinsurance is growing rapidly. The field finds itself in an intense learning phase in which lessons are eagerly awaited by all stakeholders. Given the relative youth of the field and the sheer complexity of the issues it is trying to address, it is not surprising that some microinsurance projects fail. Since mistakes could easily be avoided if they were evident, the organizers are seeking submissions on failures and the lessons to be learnt from them. What was the project? What were you trying to do? How and why did it go wrong? What would you do differently next time or never do again? What lessons can be learnt? Speakers must have been personally involved in some way in the project they wish to showcase. No documents will be made public
without the speaker’s permission.

e) Consumer protection
The low-income market often lacks experience with insurance services and understanding of the concepts involved. How can microinsurance providers overcome this problem? How can clients be supported more effectively? Do they need more than financial services? Submissions should discuss processes, provide a cost-benefit analysis of different tools and assess the effectiveness and impact of consumer-education methods.

f) Agricultural microinsurance
A large part of the world’s poor population survives directly from the production and sale of crops and livestock. Yet agriculture-related production is among the most risky activities, with farmers across economiclines struggling against the vagaries of weather, other natural calamities, and even international prices. These risks have a negative impact especially onlow-income people. Many models for agriculture insurance are being tested for the low-income market. How can farmers deal with the poor availability of weather data? What are the conditions under which a PPP can work effectively? Are microinsurance solutions the appropriate approach, or are meso- and macro-level solutions key to providing sustainable risk-transfer mechanisms? Submissions should focus on the advantages or disadvantages of different models – index-based, indemnity-based, hybrids, and others on the three different levels – and describe specific cases of their implementation. Presentations must include details relating to product outreach as well as the financial results, and lessons learnt from successes and failures which would be applicable elsewhere. Only submissions based on the details of actual
results will be considered.

3) Scientific track – Economic analysis of microinsurance markets
Together with the Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk, the International Microinsurance Conference will have a scientific track to encourage rigorous economic analysis of microinsurance markets.
Empirical, theoretical and policy-oriented papers are invited on topics such as:
• Appropriate benchmarks to measure the success of microinsurance programmes
• Optimal contract design to control adverse selection and moral hazard
• Documenting impact and customer value
• Effectiveness and sustainability
• Transitioning from informal to formal risk-sharing mechanisms
• Distribution mechanisms
• Transitioning from informal to formal risk-sharing mechanisms
• Crowding out or crowding in alternative risk-management mechanisms
• Regulation, supervision and policy
All submissions intended for the scientific track need to clearly indicate how their proposed session is relevant for practitioners and/or policymakers.

4) Microinsurance training sessions
Various “how to …” training tools, curriculums and sessions have been developed in the past. The conference organisers are inviting proposals for training sessions for a limited number of conference participants which can be integrated in the conference agenda. The length of the sessions may be 90 or 180 minutes, depending on the availability of separate rooms.

All proposals will be reviewed by the conference steering committee.
To submit a proposal, please complete the proposal form, which can be downloaded at

To submit a training lesson, please complete the form, which can be downloaded at

Kindly note that no other format can be accepted. Please e-mail the proposal to: info

To submit a proposal on Theme 1, please attach an electronic version of the paper in Acrobat (.pdf) or Word (.doc) format.

Timeline and acceptance
15 May 2012
Notification of
15 July 2012
Submission of presentations and papers for the conference
30 September 2012
Please note that the submission deadline is final.

Travel expenses
Speakers and facilitators will be granted free admission to the conference. There is also limited funding available upon application to pay the economy-travel and hotel expenses of speakers and facilitators only. Travel expenses will be covered for representatives of not-for-profit organisations only (excluding large national or international donor organisations). Applications for travel grants made after submission of a proposal cannot be accepted. There is no limitation on the number of abstracts submitted by anorganisation, but we can cover travel expenses only for one speaker per organisation.

For details on travel grants for speakers and facilitators, pleasesee

Structure and goal of the conference The conference will have plenary panel discussions on key topics addressing an interdisciplinary audience. Parallel sessions of working groups will deal in depth with different subtopics. Interactive sessions of approximately 90 minutes will be a key part of the conference, facilitating dialogue in small groups on emerging issues.

Conference language
English – French interpreters will be available

Supporting organisations of the 8th International Microinsurance Conference

• Deutsche Gesellschaft für InternationaleZusammenarbeit (GIZ) / Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)
• Making Finance Work for Africa (MFW4A)
• African Insurance Organization (AIO)
• Tanzania Insurance Regulatory Authority (TIRA)
• Association of Tanzanian Insurers (ATI)
• Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda (iRA)
• Uganda Insurers Association (UIA)
• Georgia State University’s Center for the Economic Analysis of Risk (CEAR)
• African Development Bank (AfDB)

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ESA-announce Post-Doc Position in Berlin

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Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to a job opening for a post doc at the TU Berlin:

If you have any questions regarding the position, the institution etc., please do not hesitate to contact me. In case you would like to apply, please send me the application preferably per mail (the deadline is 26.04.2012).

With best regards,

Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel
Technische Universität Berlin

Prof. Dr. Radosveta Ivanova-Stenzel
Fachgebiet für Mikroökonomie
Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre und Wirtschaftsrecht
Fakultät VII
Sekr. H 91
Straße des 17. Juni 135
D-10623 Berlin

E-mail: ivanova-stenzel(at)

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ESA-announce Final Call: ESA sessions at the 2012 SEA meetings – deadline Friday, April 13

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Hello everyone,

This is the final call for submissions to the ESA sessions for the 2012 SEA meetings. The deadline is Friday April 13th. The 82nd annual conference of the Southern Economic Association will be held at the Sheraton New Orleans in New Orleans, LA on November 16-18, 2012. The link to the conference website is:

In addition to the paper title I will need the following information for each author:

institutional affiliation
telephone number
FAX number
email address

Please email your submission to me at artie.zillante(at) by FRIDAY, APRIL 13th. I have been attempting to send a confirmation email when I receive a submission, so if you have sent me an email and not received a confirmation email it may mean that the email was picked up by a spam filter.

As a reminder, all participants are expected to pay standard conference registration fees, although the paper submission fee is waived for the ESA sessions.

For those of you who have never attended the SEA meetings, typically there are a large number of experimental sessions on the program and the meetings are normally well attended.

I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans in November for what promises to be another successful conference.


Artie Zillante

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ESA-announce Postdoctoral Research Position at the University of Zurich

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The Chair for Behavioral Economics in the Department of Economics at the University of Zürich is inviting applications for an opening for a Post-Doctoral Researcher.

The two-year position is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), as part of a research project on “Leadership across Economic Contexts.” The project aims to study leadership through laboratory and field experiments. The position will be under the supervision of Prof. Roberto Weber. A description of the kind of research conducted at this Chair is currently available at:

Candidates should have completed or expect to complete their Ph.D. in economics by the summer of 2012 and have a strong background in behavioral and experimental economics. Strong applicants will also possess an interest in conducting research on leadership, and experience in designing, conducting, and analyzing data from laboratory experiments.

The position starts on September 1, 2012, and is for two years.
Applications will be reviewed starting April 10, 2012 and until the position is filled.

The University of Zürich offers an exciting and interdisciplinary work environment and excellent research facilities, including a well-equipped laboratory for conducting experiments (

Applications should be submitted electronically. Please submit:
• a current CV,
• two completed research papers,
• a statement of interest,
• and the names and email addresses of two recommenders to the following email address:

Applications lacking the above materials may not be reviewed. Please also direct any questions about the position to this e-mail address.


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ESA-announce Post doc positions in Berlin

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Dear colleagues,

I would like to draw your attention to two job openings for post docs at the WZB (Social Science Research Center Berlin):

If you have any questions regarding the position, the institution etc., please do not hesitate to contact me. In case you would like to apply, please send me the application material in the course of this week (there is no strict deadline though).

With best regards,

Dorothea Kübler
WZB & Technical University Berlin

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ESA-announce Postdoctoral Scholar Position at ESI

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Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Economic Science Institute at Chapman University, we announce a two-year opening for a Postdoctoral Scholar to begin in August of 2012.

See the announcement below. Feel free to email either of us with questions, and please pass this along to your departments and to potential applicants.

Best wishes,

Nat Wilcox, nwilcox(at)

Bart Wilson, bartwilson(at)

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