May be of Interest: Conference on Globalization in Chengdu, China (Panda country)

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Dear Colleagues:

Attached is a call-for-paper that may be of some interest to you. The deadline is a bit tight, but that is relatively normal for a conference in China. The locaton (Chengdu) and the host institution (SouthWestern University of Finance and Economics, or SWUFE) are both top-notch. I speak from first hand experience as I just spent 11 days there.

October is the perfect time, as the weather will be at its optimal. Chengdu is full of historical sites and spectacular scenery. There are many nearby attractions also (in addition to what is cited in the call-for-papers). E’Mei mountain is a Budhism sacred site with breathtaking scenery (at least 2 days), Jiuzhaigou Valley is a national park of spectacular beauty (at least 3 days, preferably 4 days), the Bamboo Sea has endless bamboo forrests that span hundreds of kilometers, just to name a few.

If you are interested, please read carefully the call-for-papers and submit your proposals in a timely fashion. The organizers are working with several top journals to publish papers from this conference, which is a big plus.


Jack W. Hou

Professor of Economics

Call for Paper – swufe-20120610.pdf

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invitation to Submit an Article for Open Access Journals

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I am writing to invite you to submit an article to iBusiness (IB), a fast track peer-reviewed and open access academic journal. Open access model means that your articles will obtain more citations and all interested readers are able to freely access your articles online without the need for a subscription.

The journal has a distinguished editorial board composed of leading internet and business researchers from around the world. A current list of the journal’s editors can be found at

Manuscripts should be submitted to the journal online at Once a manuscript has been accepted for publication, it will undergo language copyediting, typesetting, and reference validation in order to provide the highest publication quality possible.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the journal.

Best regards,

Editorial Office
Scientific Research Publishing

Aims & Scope
IB, a quarterly journal, is dedicated to the latest advancement of Internet and Business, and the intersection of Economics with business applications. The goal of this journal is to publish cutting edge research and promote the research work in these fast moving areas.All manuscripts submitted to IB must be previously unpublished and may not be considered for publication elsewhere at any time during IB’s review period. Additionally, accepted ones will immediately appear online followed by being printed in hard copy. The topics to be covered by iBusiness include, but are not limited to:
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Agribusiness
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business and Information Systems Engineering
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business and Psychology
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business and Society
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business and Technical Communication
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business Economics
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business Ethics
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business Finance & Accounting
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business History
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business Information
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business Market Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Business Strategy
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Computer Information Management System
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Computer Network
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Data Mining
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Decision Making Process
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg E-Commerce
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Economics and Business
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg E-Government
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Employability and Labor Market
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Entrepreneurship
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Family Business
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Financial Analysis
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Food and Agribusiness Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Geographic Information System
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Global Business
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Industrial Economics
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Information Economics
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Information Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Information Security
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Information Systems and E-Business Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg International Business and Finance
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Investment Analysis
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Knowledge Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Management Information System
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Political Economy
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Process Improvement
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Project Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Regional Economics
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Regulation
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Requirement Analysis
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Risk Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Service Business
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Small Business Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Supply Chain Management
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg System Analysis
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Teaching Business Ethics
ShowImage.aspx?path=images%5Cjournal%5Cpoint.jpg Technology Innovation

We are also interested in short papers (letters) that clearly address a specific problem, and short survey or position papers that sketch the results or problems on a specific topic. Authors of selected short papers may be invited to write a regular paper on the same topic for future issues of the IB.

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The 2012 International Conference on the Asia-Pacific Studies

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The 2012 International Conference on the Asia-Pacific Studies November 9-10, 2012


The Asia-Pacific region has experienced great changes since the early 1980s, including political openness, economic regionalization, cross-border interactions, cultural exchanges, etc. These changes have made the Asia-Pacific region attractive to the world, yet, studies on the Asia-Pacific are still falling behind to other area studies. Although scholars have engaged a great deal of studies on China, Japan, and Southeast Asia, few scholars have paid attention on the studies of the Asia-Pacific as a whole. This is the key motive to initiate an international conference on the Asia-Pacific studies, which would cover interdisciplinary studies on political science, economics, sociology, history, cultural studies, etc. Comparative studies are especially welcome. This conference will focus on theories, political development, policy studies, economic regionalization, cross-border issues, and other topics related to the Asia-Pacific studies. We’re sincerely welcome professors, researchers and graduate students to submit papers to our conference. We hope that through the conference we can stimulate greater academic exchanges and brainstorming each other, thus enhancing our knowledge about this rising area.


English will be the only working language in the conference, and papers must be written in English. Paper abstracts must be submitted as Word documents and contain a title of the submission, name and affiliation of the author(s), contact information (Education, Academic Experience, Full address, Telephone, and E-mail) and the appropriate field (i.e., political science, economics, international relations, regional studies, etc). If more than two authors are listed, please identify the one who will make the presentation at the conference. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail your abstract to Miss Pen-ni Lin at, or Miss Chien-yi Wu at

Important Dates

Deadline of abstract submission: April 30, 2012.
Notification of accepted papers: May 30, 2012.
Deadline of full paper submission: October 20, 2012.
(If your paper is not received by the deadline, your name will be removed from the conference agenda.)
Conference Dates: November 9-10, 2012.
Conference Location: National Sun Yat-sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
Organizer: Institute of China and Asia-Pacific Studies, NSYSU.
Co-organizers: NSYSU College of Social Science, NSYSU Center For Japanese Studies,
NSYSU Sun Yat- sen Research Center for Social Sciences
Registration fee: Free.
Local accommodation will be partially covered, depending on the funds raised.
Please fell free to contact us
Contact Persons: Miss Pen-ni Lin at or Miss Chien-yi Wu at
Tel: 07-5252000*5579 (for Chien-yi Wu), or *5518 (for Pen-ni Lin).


The 2012 International Conference on the Asia-Pacific Studies.pdf

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ESA-announce 5th Annual NYU-CESS Experimental Political Science Conference

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Dear Colleagues

Registration is now open for the 5th Annual NYU-CESS Experimental Political Science Conference March 2nd and 3rd at We have an excellent set of papers including two special panels; “Voluntary versus Compulsory Voting" and “Women in Political Leadership"; and a poster session for graduate students. Registration will close on February 20th. Breakfasts, lunches, and Friday dinner will be provided for all registered attendees.

We look forward to seeing you in New York in early March! If you have any questions, please email the CESS Administrator, Caroline  Madden, at caroline.madden(at)

Eric Dickson, Rebecca Morton, and Joshua Tucker

Rebecca Morton
Professor of Politics
New York University

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ESA-announce Call for Papers: Well-being in Contemporary Society

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Call for Papers: Well-being in Contemporary Society

International Conference on the Philosophy and Science of Well-being and their Practical Importance

Location: University of Twente, Enschede, Netherlands

Date: July 26-27, 2012

Program Chair:
Philip Brey (University of Twente)

Organising committee:
Johnny Hartz Søraker (University of Twente)
Pak-Hang Wong (University of Twente)

Jan-Willem van der Rijt (University of Amsterdam)
Jelle de Boer (University of Amsterdam)

About the Conference

In recent years, well-beinghas enjoyed a renaissance in philosophical discussions, as well as in fields like psychology, economics, development studies and sociology. Although these approaches share a common goal – to better understand what well-being is and how it can be enhanced – these developments have led to a great diversity in philosophical and scientific approaches to the analysis of well-being. Despite the increasing amount of research, most of the work on well-being is also performed at a highly abstract level. This is especially true in philosophy, but relatively little work has been devoted to the application of theories of well-being also in other fields, in particular when it comes to an understanding of life in contemporary society. Developments such as globalization, consumerism, and the rapid innovation and use of new and emerging technologies, all exert significant impact on the well-being of people living today, and we need a better understanding of their consequences for well-being.

Contemporary society requires that well-being researchers examine these problems – and, if possible, propose solutions to address them. This international conference aims to bring together researchers from various disciplines, including, but not limited to, psychology, economics, sociology, philosophy and development studies, in order to examine the practical role of well-being in contemporary society.

Potential Topics

We are looking for contributions that examine the notion of well-being in the context of contemporary society. The conference particularly welcomes papers that employ a notion of well-being to address social, political and ethical issues in present-day society. Suggested topics for the workshop include, but are not limited to:

● Theoretical developments and approaches in the philosophy and science of well-being in relation to contemporary society, culture and life.

● Well-being in social and political philosophy and/or in policy studies

● Positive psychology (and related research fields) and its practical applicability

● New and emerging technologies and well-being

● Intercultural and interpersonal comparisons of well-being

● Reliability, validity and applicability of well-being measures

● Other specific practical issues pertaining to well-being in contemporary society

The workshop will include both invited papers and an open call for papers. For the open call, we invite extended abstracts (1500-2000 words). Please anonymise the abstract, and include title, name and address in the accompanying email. The abstract, and any questions you may have about the conference, should be sent to wics2012. Your abstract should be submitted before February 15th 2012, and will be subject to blind peer review.


Following the conference we aim to publish the papers, subject to a blind review process, in either an edited volume or a special issue of a relevant journal. We did so successfully with our previous conference, Good Life In a Technological Age, from which select papers were published as book in the prestigious Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society series, and will be available in February 2012.

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline: February 15. 2012
Notification of Acceptance: March 1, 2012

Conference Dates: July 26-27, 2012

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ESA-announce Summer Course on Experimental Political Science in Ljubljana

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The European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR) is sponsoring a summer course (taught by me) on Experimental Methods in Political Science at the University of Ljubljana from August 1st to August 12th, 2011. For information on the course and registration procedures, please see


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